Friday, February 02, 2007

Peter the Great

Last night Joseph informed me 30 minutes before bedtime that today was to be book character dressup day. He wanted to be Peter. About 10 minutes and some quick (kinda sloppy) snipping later he was. Susan, Lucy, and Edmund all dug into their wardrobes this morning, only to find our first snow of the season on the other side. No school. No character day. Or is it? They've been in Narnia for awhile now and will likely need cocoa soon. Oh and maybe turkish delight.


  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    10 minutes? It looks great... immediately recognizable.

    Perfect weather for a little Narnian play...

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Wow - 10 minutes....not bad supermum! Hope you enjoy your snow day. Some of my kids favourite costumes were the ones that I made on the spur of the moment...thanks for reminding me.

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    sheesh, I so remember pulling that stuff on my mother and she was amazing about magicing something into existance. Mother's are super human sometimes don' you think!? Wonderful job!

  4. I do have to say I have a superhuman mom who would whip anything up we needed. Sadly I was as picky as could be too. I learned from the BEST! You hear that, mom!?

  5. Thanks for the link to the recipe! My kids love the story and we are getting snowed in right now... maybe we'll wip up some and try NOT to indulge in gluttony :)
    (Very cute costume!)

  6. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Ah, Gee, Hon, you're making me blush!

  7. Very cute! Looks like you got the snow that just left me in Arkansas!

  8. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Did you try the turkish delight made of rose water and coated with milk chocolate??It is simply wonderful..!!

  9. Yum, that sounds like a Greeek treat I love called Loukoumia! xo,AM