Monday, January 08, 2007

No wait, this is the beginning

After proclaiming the beginning of the new year a week ago, I feel I should do it again. My husband made us a bacon, egg, donut breakfast today and the first 3 have gone to their bus stops and the little two are still snoozing. School's in! This is the beginning of real work. I mean it this time! What was I talking about, wanting Christmas break to never end? I must have been crazy! (I tease) Thank you for all the sweet motherly lovey things you said in regards to my last post. Makes it feel like a team effort. What great perspectives. Ahh, you're all so wise, dearies!

My work is ramping up, with a trip this weekend , a new one in Februaury (an exciting invitation I can't wait to share with you) and this one and that one in May, whew, I'm already tired! Fabrics are just one of the many things I design, but it has definitely been the spoiled child lately. Having been a clothing designer for years, it gets back at my heart and I am seeing all my design work through textile goggles these days.

Knowing that I have alot coming up has had me thinking about how on earth I will manage it all, and then I woke up to read Heather's post this morning about the same, in regards to blogging. Wow we really are in the same boat. Only blogging for just a few months, I already can't imagine not doing it regularly. But I can imagine making you read (or not) about what I had for dinner last night while I work away behind the scenes on lots of stuff that is either in progress or can't be shared or is waiting for my seal of approval (lots of those items lying around). Although, pretty food pictures are fun.

I used to think that I would be happy doing nothing but this or this in the corner of a quiet studio, day in, day out. But as soon as I opened a boutique in1995, I was bit (hard) by the bug of selling stuff that I made and designed. It took a few years to learn to let someone else handle the making and selling, but the design is still all mine. I love the connection it gives me. I love product. I love trend (though I love to not love trend too). I love teaching people stuff. I love people enjoying what I've made enough to bring it into their homes. What a feeling that is!! In fact, I've been milling around thoughts of selling some of my own items, right here out of the studio. But I want it to be something that you can't get anywhere else. I'd love to sell you my fabrics, but maybe in a way that you can't get at the stores. Lots of ideas. Kits or goody bags of fabrics n' such is one thought. Any takers? If you have thoughts on it I'd love to know, either a comment or email.

Oh and here are some glamour shots of the Bohemian quilt I made awhile ago. I'm to be featured in an Australian quilt mag this spring so I'm gathering lovely photos to pretend like I live in a lovely and perfect place. Oh and there have been some other interesting requests along those lines, that I look forward to sharing when (if) they materialize.

New beginning friends! Join me! xoxo,AM


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Oh yes! Kits or other goody bags, I'd be the first one in line..oh wait I am! Seriously, I am design impaired but love to sew and craft using others bright ideas. Thanks for sharing this window into your busy professional life as well as your family and home.

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Heck ya! Last week was just a warm-up. School starting up again marks the true beginning of the new year - totally! I even woke up super early today if you can believe that.

    I, for one, am dying to see what your sell-stuff plan is. But, don't work yourself into a tizzy, you've got to keep that design zen in working order.

    Oh, and love the quilt!

  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    hey there! i'm usually a lurker but came out today for de-lurking day to say i love that quilt, and i love the idea of doing project bags/kits with your fabric in it. that way the design is you, the fabric is you, and it's something you can't get anywhere else!

  4. Kits and goody bags are a super good idea. That is actually what I would love to do (in the future). I don't want to have a quilt store, but a studio to share with others with work stations (lounge stations) and such. Yet, I would like to kit up patterns and other projects that I create so other may purchase if wanted. I'm so glad that you brought up that idea as well, you're stuff always motivates me and gets my rusty head gears a turnin'!! Thanks!

  5. Anna, are you exhibiting in Atlanta? I searched the listing but can't find your name. I can't go to that, but I am interested. Will you have a booth at Opryland at the quilt show in August? As I am your Goodlettsville neighbor, I can make that. I would love to stop in and say Hi.

  6. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Anna, I love your idea about kits! I am just starting to quilt and I would love a quilting kit with your sensational fabrics. Your fabrics are not available where I live and I would love to have your beautiful colors and wonderful patterns in my home. I am so excited by the beauty and originality of your work. I will definitely be waiting eagerly to see what you come up with. I also want to say that I love your painting of your daughter. It conveys, to me, something of the magic, mystery and wonder that a child experiences exploring the new and sometimes strange world around her. It is very powerful and beautiful. Olivia

  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Sign me up for the goody bag idea!
    Blessings for the new NEW Year!

  8. I'm another lurker who came out to put my vote in for kits! Love your designs & would enjoy any patterns/fabric/ideas you put out there for us.

  9. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Love that quilt, Anna Maria! Wish I could come brainstorm with you in your wonderful studio!! I am hopping on one foot and the other waiting for your new line of fabric to come out! Happy days ahead! I simply adore your colorful blog!!!! Makes my day complete to log on and see your beautiful creations! (You and Heather) ~ Thanks for the little window into your world. ~

  10. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Waving my hand here!! I'd love to be able to purchase your designs - kits in particular - although as a retailer of your fabrics I'm looking forward to being able to sell your patterns and kitting them up at my end - whatever direction you go it's sure to be fun.

  11. Anna Maria - I'm here to join the chorus and say "yes, please!" to your idea of kits/goody bags! What a lovely idea! And what a fabulous opportunity for those of us who would love to get our hands on some of your amazing designs!

    And - I'm absolutely in love with your Bohemian quilt! I just showed the picture to my mister and he said, "can you please make something like that for us? Right now?" :)

  12. Me, too! I would love to purchase a kit or goody bag. I think selling on the side via your web would be good but like Heather said, you need to make sure your bread and butter design business comes first. Maybe you can sell the what nots that aren't going to retailers but still worthy, fabric scraps from your line, and other crafty items you and Juliana (or your other children) have dreamed up.

    Good luck to you!


  13. Thanks for the enthusiasm folks! And are you kidding? This would be totally Juliana's gig!! Cuttin and stuffin, baby-thats her new summer job in midwinter. Seriously, she's as excited about the prospect as I am. I think it'd be fun to do it a bit here and there, like a monthly surpise to look forward to or hear wheels turning, and its loud and squeaky up there)

  14. I'm a lurker too, but I just wanted to say I love your designs and would definitely buy a crafty kit or love a surprise package in the mail.

  15. You rock. Build your kits. And the quilters will come. And if the want it quilted just like yours...I could work 'em a deal!

  16. Anonymous8:37 AM

    It is a common problem, not being able to share what you're up to for professional reasons. But it works out in the end. I read the blogs to know others are inspired and frusterated and trying to fit everything in. I like looking at food, sketchbooks, livingrooms, kids, etc. And I love reading your blog. Why doesn't America get rid of president Martha Stewart and elect you instead?

  17. Anna Maria you are in inspiration to me. As creative mother of 5 myself, I have to ask you: how do you manage the household duties and stay active with your projects and business? It seems to me that whenever I get the household chores under control, I can't find time for the sewing, painting, etc. But when I start doing that, my household falls apart. How are you able to keep up with that? Thank you.


  18. Anonymous11:19 PM

    The photo of your room with the fireplace is lovely. I also adored the bohemian quilt that you made. It is awe inspiring. You are a true inspiration. Thank You.