Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Four minutes of yesterday

Highschool bus pulls up. Juliana hops off, lightly.

AM: "Awe, hi honey-your bag looks so cute with that jacket! How was school?"
J-A: "Uhh...okay. Thanks. School was good"
AM: "Seriously, that is so cool, I can't believe you didn't like it at first, you did a perfect job. Let's take a picture real quick before I take Bela to dance"
J-A: "Hang on, I'm hungry"

Juliana slices of a giant piece of breakfast pastry while Anna dashes for the camera, checking the battery level. Dang. Of course. Puts the rechargeables in their charger and digs through the kitchen drawer for two more.

AM: "Put that sticky thing down and com'ere. Okay just be natural and pretend like you just got off the bus."
J-A: " I did just get off the bus."

Juliana mocks with a slowmotion walk up the front stairs.

AM: "Oh this first one is perfect. Okay that's good. Let's go have a look"
J-A: "Man I look like a stringbean"
AM: "Geesh, you do. You need to eat more Juliana"
J-A: "MOM! I was trying to have schnecken and you made me take a picture. I like it"
AM: "The schnecken?"
J-A: "No. The picture!"
AM: "Oh good, we'll use it. Go eat."


  1. adorable. bag. and daughter.

  2. Cute bag, cute girl. I'm wondering how old she is, but I don't know if you're comfortable saying. . .

    Love your blog, so glad i found it!

  3. Oh, no. No photo. I so want to see that photo of lovely child pretending to just have (really had) jumped off the bus, looking swell.

  4. Ack. I think that blogger is doing some updating or something, I will try to republish in a little bit. So try to refresh in a little while and it should be up. Hopefully!

  5. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Juliana, don't you know that high school girls aren't supposed to be so agreeable and patient with their moms?

  6. Anonymous11:42 AM

    hilarious. great shot.

  7. :)
    Love it!

    Skinny jeans make me look more like a string bean too!

  8. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Great Bag Juliana!! Don't daughters make the best of friends, Momma!!!!

  9. Anonymous5:09 AM


  10. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Ahh, the moments between mothers and daughters! Love it!!
    P.S. Great bag!

  11. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Oh the "I'm too fat, I'm too thin" syndrome...it starts young for us women and is never ending...

  12. Adorable Bag! Is she still loving her new sewing machine?

  13. Love the name. My daughter is Juliana as well.
    Beautiful bag.

  14. Anonymous6:33 AM

    if only skinny jeans made me look like a string bean! haha. i always miss so much with people's blogs when i go away for holidays, it's almost as if they update more. it's good to see families get along so well, at least i know my mum and i's relationship isn't the only one like it.

  15. Anonymous1:36 PM

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