Tuesday, January 23, 2007

DING! round two!

Happy Birthday to Nicolas! My nine year old boy. sniff. sniff. wimper. sigh.

Wowee. Nine. Okay, I'll not bore you with more disbelief about time going by. I have never had such a difficult pregnancy, delivery, or first few months with a baby. More than worth every physical and emotional pain though. Such a strong boy. I think my body just couldn't contain all that his personality was brewing. Deep and loving character even though he stifffens like a board when I try to hug him. I know just how soft he is, which is why I find it so amusing. Anyone who knew my husband as a boy cannot believe the likeness of the two, not just looks, but likeness, in every way. How about that beautiful sweater from Nani? Deep chocolate brown and warm like the little man's eyes.

Speaking of chocolate. After the red velvet experience, I succumbed to cake mix, mostly because of time constraints. For a child that I say "no" to an awful lot, I thought I should try saying "yes" on his birthday as much as I could. Within reason of course. Mom, can we have cupcakes instead of one cake? Yup you bet. Can I take 24 of them to school? Sure, how about we make 2 batches. I want to light the candles myself, please? Well it's your birthday isn't it? Light those things little man! Wow that was a big deal, all the kids came in close to see one of their own light the birthday candles. Little gifts of permissions made for a happy boy.

So on his way down to the gameroom, he can now have a stop in the garage at his own punching bag. So much brain energy, emotional energy and physical energy in that one child, it'll be great for him to do something just mindless. We also heard its really good for strengthening bones...and if you read this blog often you should know that's a good thing for us. He was thrilled. Something he can hit as much as he wants. What could be better when you're boy-nine?

So I've been hit with the six weird things tag. I'll work on narrowing down my (long) list and try to post that before the end of the week. And look out fellow bloggers, also making my hit list.

2 birthdays down, one to go. xo,AM


  1. Your little man is just precious! I have a 6 year old that is similiar in demeanor to your son....and it really is those little gifts of permission, independence that "light" their fire at this age.

    Wishing many Birthday wishes to your special crew!


  2. Wow your mom can knit so well!
    Im trying to learn myself...

    So the cupcakes are adorable...love the stars...and what a handsome son you have!

  3. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Ahhh boys...yup I have a 14 year old that sounds just like yours and the older they get, the more they try to prove how strong they are...like off road motorbike riding in Queenstown New Zealand for 4 hours...without me!!! But deep down they still need and love their mums, even if they only show it in brief moments and nicolas is lucky to have a mum like you. Happy birthday to your little man.

  4. Anonymous4:50 AM

    As the mum of another 9 year old boy I hear you... no more kissing goodbye at the gate,wiping his mouth after I kiss him and getting cuddles full of bony elbow and enormous almost man knees is very disturbing. Where did my little boy go? It really doesn't seem that long ago that he had to hold onto my knees to stand up. :)

  5. I'm normally all for admiring the knits (and the sweater is beautiful) but your little boy steals the stage, and well he should.

    Happy birthday to all at your home.

  6. Anonymous5:34 AM

    I have three children, two of them boys. The eldest was so very like yours and would stiffen if you tried to hug him. But....amazingly now at the age of 12, he is so affectionate and is always coming over and hugging me and telling me he loves me - it makes up for those years when he would pull away. I am making the most of it!! Birthday wishes.

  7. Happy Birthday Nicolas! He is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your work and life with us on this blog. I love reading you!

  8. Anonymous4:22 PM

    We are all birthdays around here at the moment too. I find it exhausting after Christmas. I shoul have thought it through better before getting pregnant for winter babies.
    Thanks for including me in your must see list.
    And thanks for commenting about my last post.
    And thanks for letting me steal your pillows.

  9. Any chance Nani would share the pattern for that gorgeous sweater? I have two little boys who would love their mommy to make them one...

    Tina J.

  10. Sure thing, I'll alert the Nani that it's being requested, and have her post a comment here!
    Check back soon xo.AM

  11. Anonymous4:52 AM

    The pattern is for Plymouth. It is #EN06.
    I'm sure your boys will look quite handsome in whatever you make for them. Happy knitting!

  12. Anonymous4:54 AM

    The pattern is from plymouth yarn. It is available on their web site:

    I'm sure your boys will look handsome in whatever you make for them.
    Happy knitting.


  13. hey, I came over to tag you on the 6 weird things meme, so if you want, you would only have to narrow your list to 12! have a great day...happy birthday to your handsome young man!