Sunday, December 17, 2006

Makin' a list

Actually makin' the presents too! Wow, checking it twice is very involved, racking the brain to be sure I haven't forgotten anything. 2006 has been the year of the Bohemian for me, so I am making lots of gifts using it. I used Jenny's adorable coaster idea for a gift for Jeff's grandma. She had been wanting to see the fabrics I designed, so I thought this was a fun way to give her a little piece of lots of them. And she does like to protect those tabletops, you know.

Let's see, what other family members don't read this blog...hhmmm, oh for my niece Sophia, I've made a fabric journal cover.

She has become quite the author/illustator as of late, and she needs a stylish spot to be just that. I considered painting a cover design right onto the journal...but this way she will be able to continue to use this cover as she fills up book after book.

And no collection of short stories is complete without an "about the author" column inside the back cover. What an accomplished 11 year old!

Let's see, golfballs for Grandpa Ben...which look cuter wrapped......oh hey look at that wrap! Can you find it?

Look familiar? I found it at Pier 1. Hhmm, did I copyright that design? Just kidding! I think a standard geometric, such as this, is about as copyrightable as a polka dot. Now if all the colorization were the same too, this would be a different post all together. It would be a Pier 1 expose! Let's just call me a trendsetter and leave it at that! Yea, I like that. So if you are making any Boho gifts this year, get somma that there wrap!

I don't think I ever showed you the full view of the quilt I started a ways back. The quilt is part of a gallery show here in Nashville currently, and maybe will become someone's Christmas present. Here she is.

I named it Slow Dance. Gina did a beautiful job quilting it for me. You'll have to click for the larger view to see the stitch pattern, it shares the pointy oval shape motif like those formed by the two intertwining strips to the right...nice. The overall movement of the quilt was inspired by the Vine fabric, which is the purplish/pink one. I just worked away at it without a plan, cutting, placing, piecing, I did some hand applique as well with the curvey strips. The name for it came about through the feeling of the process. It was slow, but comfortable and warm. Like a slow dance with someone you love.

I've really been enjoying all the quilts coming out of my Aussie friends' shop from the Bohemian line. These ladies, if you haven't dropped in on them are amazing. We've formed quite a nice little friendship through blogging and emailing and sharing. Expect more great things from them, they are quite talented and inspiring!!

Back to elf-ing and anticipating. xoxo,AM


  1. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Anna Maria, the pressie's look great and so does your quilt! It's nice to see a quilt that "mixes it up" a bit - not just straight traditional piecing (not that I don't like traditional quilts - I love them, but it's nice to try something different). Sarah and Kathy do a great job - leading the way down under and not afraid to jump out of their comfort zone and encourage their customers to try something new....a bit like you really!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    What a beautiful quilt!

  3. I love the fabric book cover! I'm storing that idea away for next Christmas.

  4. Anonymous10:02 AM

    This quilt is amazing... I saw your sample on the Free Spirit site as well. Beautiful!

    Following my visit to the Web site, I had to make a trek to all of the local quilting supply stores in an attempt to find some samples of your Bohemian line. I'm not a quilter myself, but a few basic pillows are in the works.

    Thanks for the great design!

  5. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Aaaaauuggh!!! I am so in love with that journal cover! What an amazing, thoughtful gift idea.

  6. Your niece is going to be THRILLED with her very own jacket cover, what author wouldn't???

    Your quilt turned out beautiful, I love the movement in it, too. Great job.

    Hope Santa treats you well, too!


  7. Oh, very nice gifts!! I like the quilt a lot and the coasters!!!

  8. Anonymous7:12 PM

    What a jewel of a quilt! Darling bookcover, darling everything, Anna Maria! Isn't GIVING more fun than receiving!

  9. Laurie-if I could make presents as a full time job I would! I use that same spunky energy when I work on my designs, its just that I need to get paid it!

  10. Anonymous11:10 AM

    How cute your Allsorts coasters are!!! I'm having a ball making them for neighbor-gifts. I made some in a circle too... much easier to turn and no pesky corners. Your fabric line is beautiful and congratulations!

  11. As always I LOVE your stuff. I wish I had some luck in finding your bohemian line at the quilt stores here, but since there are not too many younger quilters like myself they don't carry such "FUN" fabrics. I will have to do some online shopping for it!