Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holiday Spirits

Woman cannot survive on felt and fabric alone. But I've skipped many a meal trying! Often a holiday meal is started, finished, or completely comprised of (woops) a lovely cocktail. The cocktail. It's inspired much, but lets focus on the positive things, like fun products. Maybe I don't share enough of the real work that I do sometimes. So I thought I would feature some more of my product design work here for kicks.

Like I had mentioned a ways back, my clients often tap me for my gab, and wordplay and not just artwork. I've had literally hundreds of items produced by manufacturers that bare my silly ideas like these multiple choice napkins. If you want to find some for yourself or as a gift you could try here or here or ZGallerie carries them in the stores, if you've got one near you. Above is just one version manufactured by PPD.

With the season comes many a spirited carole, which I've played around with. These are just one set of appetizer plates out of three that I designed for Boston Warehouse Trading Co. You can find these here. Oh yea! Target online has them too! They come in a nifty little gift box all tied up with ribbon. Fun gift.

And if you are no genius behind the bar, or just want some SERIOUS eye candy, you should nab this book. It is packed with gorgeous photos and many creative cocktails, both classics and some wacky newcomers bound to please. It's just plain pretty too. And shouldn't holiday spirits be pretty?

Bottoms up!!

Oh and I haven't forgotten the kids (how could I?) Go here for our cocoa cocktail idea!



  1. Love your appetizer plates! You sayings are too cute! Thanks for sharing your "real" work, although your tales of your kiddies and all that came before seemed pretty real, too!

  2. Anonymous3:06 AM

    The apetizer plates are so cute! I want a set of the napkins so I can tick them off ....mmmmm I think I could tick all of them! Love your blog..whatever you talk about.