Monday, November 20, 2006

Whats in your bucket??

This could be a new personality test.

Three questions:

1- Have you ever spent 40$ on a bucket?
2- How many times?
3- What do you use the bucket for?

My answers:

1- Yes
2- Once so far, but planning my next purchase now.
3- Napkins.

Now what does that say about me? I know what my husband thinks question number 1 says about me. But that's obvious. I am always intriqued by where people put their napkins. A standard napkin holder in this house would need to be replenished on an hourly basis. A bucket seemed like a good idea. I have to be honest and say that I had absolutely no clue why I was buying it when I bought it. It is just so beautiful. I'm pretty sure its covered with a vintage wallpaper. The company name has worn off the bottom.

I know that both you and I could figure a way to make some of these....but every now and then, its just so fun to make a purchase like this out of the sheer appreciation of the object. Even if you could make it. Buying it is luxury. Go see these....they are sooo coool. And covered with fabric not fact it seems like the owner approached me at a trade show once to inquire about using my designs.....gotta get in touch with her.

Oh and if you wanna get in touch with lots and lots of creative people doing lots and lots of diverse things... visit Crafty Synergy! I've been modestly featured today, so if you are not sick of me yet, go have a looksy.

BTW it seems like Blogliners are not getting my updates reported to least those of you with an Atom feed....which is most of you. I've put in notice to Bloglines to see what's up and hopefully it will be fixed soon. We should not have FEED problems during Thanksgiving!!


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    I love the fabric covered bucket and I think some nice coordinating environmentally-friendly fabric napkins would be a great combination!

  2. Mae-how inspiring! I will get back to you on that!

  3. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I adore these - anyone know how to make them?

  4. None other than Stephanie (bread&budder buckets owner) herself emailed me yesterday when she caught news of my blog post.
    The bucket I have shown in the pic is from a different company and made with vintage papers...and decoupaged.
    Stephanie only uses fabrics and a special heat sealed process to applied them. AND she offered to make one for me using my fabrics! What a sweetie. When I get it I will share and let all of you know about her process, and her services and share my Bohemian bucket!!

  5. Hi. Love the bucket idea. And your kitchen is beautiful!

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