Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gray Day

Not one to be left out, my darling Juliana had her own spot in our weekend-long sewing spree. As I had mentioned here, she combs mags in search of inspiration. Though I may just be a very proud mommy, I dare say she has quite an eye for trend. She is really my main consultant on coolness factor these days. The endearing thing about her fashion sense is that she is smart enough even at 14 to translate inspiration into something appropriate for her and does not seem to dress for attention or conforming like so many girls her age. She just plain loves the process of making something herself or composing whats out there...where does she get that? Hmm.

Speaking of not looking for attention, she really sunk into the gray background we are experiencing outside in Tennessee today. We discussed the how the look of this dress is so old and so new. It's so farm and so city. If she'd carried a bucket with it it would look like she's on her way to the cows. But carrying this tote that she made all by herself (good girl) she looks like she's on her way to anywhere.

And she shares my appreciation of these prints. We both noticed how the orange flowers on gray pop like our fall trees against the sky. We both loved it. I offerred just a few hints here and there on the construction and she was quickly cutting, stitching, clipping, pinning and pressing with no pattern like her mommy.

Outside of her borrowing my favorite boots the look is totally her. Homemade. Comfortable. Sweet.

Hope your day is bright or at least a welcome gray where you are!!



  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    o.k., that is the absolute cutest, i mean "coolest" dress......fabulous....really, no pattern? oh my!....also beautiful pictures.....the last one should be blown up and framed!

  2. Oh how very adorable. Your daughter is beautiful and the pics are great, even with the gray weather!

  3. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Go Juliana! What a great looking dress and nice tote. I love the last photo - it is great!

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

    great job to both of you! its fantastic that she dresses for herself and not to please others.

  5. Anonymous4:15 PM

    LOVE how the new frock turned out and the tote is great too. You're so right about the combination resembling the fall leaves against a dreary day. Makes even a dreary day seem beautiful. :) If you ever do a pattern for that frock I would LOVE one. :) Too cute! The boots are also the perfect finish to the outfit. What a gorgeous girl you have. :)

  6. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Juliana, you rock star! You're new duds are gorgeous and so are you. Your mom goes on and on about what a wonderful daughter (and muse) you are. Keep up the good work :-)

  7. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Hi Anna Maria ... I'm JanM, a friend of your Dear Mom's. I was suppose to stop by yesterday to check out the "jackets," but I never made it. When I got here today, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my tardiness was a good thing cuz I got to see the "jumper" and "tote" too! Absolutely gorgeous work, gorgeous fabric and the daughters ... well, they are just absolute dolls :) God Bless you and your family!

  8. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Wow! You have every right to be the proud mother. What a gift to have such skills, vision and independence to do her own thing and not follow the crowd.

  9. Anonymous6:25 PM

    That is the cutest dress I've ever seen. Every 14-year-old should be that cool:)

  10. Gorgeous combo.........ditto to the above comments! Love the photos. Hope you and/or Julianna are keeping a scrapbook of these fun memories!

  11. Love, love, love the jumper, the look, the tote... I am soooo inspired! What a legacy you are passing on to your children. Thank you for sharing your talents Anna.

  12. She did a really amazing job! Please tell her. And tha thas got to be such a neat feeling to have a child have a love/passion for the same thing you do, but maybe with a different perspective.

  13. Anonymous1:13 AM

    love the dress, love the boots, she looks darling! And the jackets from yesterday are unbelieveable!

  14. talented, beautiful daughter too...in a super jumper.

  15. How fabulous that your daughter has her own sense of style. The dress turned out great. And man, you're fast!

  16. Anonymous4:30 PM

    You've got a "mini-me"! Juliana is so cool. The patchwork coats are adorable-may need to borrow one to show mom (maybe make grace one). Love all your projects-so talented. see you soon!-kathy m.

  17. great job on the dress! Her bag looks great too! good job Juliana! i started sewing around 14 too never made anything as cool as that bag tho..

    I am pregnant with my first (due anytime) i hope she will want to make things with me the way your daughter does. it is what i look forward to most!

    she looks great in the outfit! super cute!
    Love your stuff Anna Maria!

  18. love it love it LOVE it! i only wish i was young enough to get away with the same outfit! she's darling.

  19. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Gorgeous! She is following in her mummy's footsteps.
    Also love the coats for the little ones. They are stunning and will be copied next winter, is summer here right now.

  20. Anonymous1:54 AM

    she looks beautiful. I wish i had more time to put my inspiration into practice, however my teaching studies are vigilant in tying me down. What is the style of that dress? Though it would not look good on me with my big hips and small waist, i do have a few friends who are straight up and down pencils, that this dress would look delightful on. and what a wonderful xmas gift it would be! i do not have a website, but i have put my email dress instead.
    P.S. i love all of your work, i was nudged over here by hello my name is heather! and will be a frequent visitor from now on.

  21. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Not to repeat everyone else but wow, she's beautiful!

  22. Anonymous8:16 AM

    another future designer!!
    great dress and the boots make the otfit!
    wish my girls would sew!!!!

  23. Anonymous11:42 AM

    i wish i was that beautiful and confident when i was 14. and that dress! i may have to make one for myself, although it just wouldn´t look the same on me...

  24. Oh I love Juliana's pinafore dress it is so stylish and it sets off the bag wonderfully - the splash of maroon is brilliant. I wish I could have been so clear in my own head and style when I was 14 - heck I wish I could be that stylish now.

  25. Anonymous11:18 PM

    That dress is just so fashionable!
    I wish i was young enough to pull that off :)
    what a beautiful girl.

  26. Anonymous11:00 AM

    a flickr buddy just directed me to this dress, which i adore! i've been wanting to make a dress like this too, but i dont' think i have your sewing skills. your daughter looks beautiful and stylish.

  27. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Hi Anna,

    Stumbled across your blog and admire your wonderful use of colors and patterns. You're an inspiration for fellow color lovers - I'm just starting out with my first place and am going with my gut to paint walls apple green and pool blue despite naysayers.

    I adore your daughter's dress. I've been scouring craft stores and the web for a pattern like that. I'm an art teacher and would find a jumper like that just perfect for teaching. Can you please let me know if you have a pattern for this?

    Keep up the fantastic work!


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