Friday, November 03, 2006

Cold Coffee Friday

So its only fair that I give you a more realistic photo of my life every now and then. And since today is the first day of the kids' fall break, realism is hitting me like a freight train.... a freight train with five monkeys aboard. In anticipation of my mom visiting this weekend, I darted here, there, and everywhere around the studio to tidy up, fold laundry, and prepare for a weekend of making. She's been in Greece with my dad for a few months so there is lots of making to catch up on! I did watch my step this time. Remember the last time I was quickly tidying up in the studio in anticipation of fun?

So this is what the studio bed looks like on a more typical basis. As much as I would like to romantically convey this nook to be a spot for resting my overworked creative mind, it truly is a laundry hub most of the time. Laundry is just one of those things that becomes a nightmare in this house of seven if you let it go too long. In a weird way, I don't mind it an awful lot...the folding party anyway, its the putting away I hate. I also figured out that I have a very low tolerance for folding whites....they're just so boring. My favorite, or least annoying, is folding the little girls' silly colorful duds. They're so much cuter than everything else and makes the whole chore easier to tolerate.

Main point here, just about the only reason I can get housework done, is to clear my mind and conscience so that I can get to something more fun. Leaving too much undone around the house, and instead working on a project, is sometimes like trying to ignore a smelly baboon tapping you on the shoulder as he clears his throat. Oh thats a weird analogy.

Anytime my mom comes to visit, it is a ceremonial given that we will spend the time either gardening, home-improving, sewing, knitting, crocheting, or shopping. The shopping would usually only be for whatever items we need to do all of the above. She is the single only other person on earth who will team with me in a decsion to repaint a living room on a whim starting at 9 in the evening.... or rebuild a staircase, until Jeff thinks I'm doing it wrong and he takes over (it's kind of this trick I play).

This weekend we have stacks of not only laundry but other projects lined up waiting for us. My Juliana has requested and adorable new frock, the style of which she keenly picked up on in Lucky magazine. The fabric and buttons are bought, we just need to measure her and get to work. We'll start with sketching out just exactly what she wants and then proceed to the part where she is convinced I'm screwing the whole thing up until its done and then she'll barely eeek out a prompted and obligatory "thaaank you mooom".

So getting back to the other conversations that were happening between this and this, there was so much chatter going on the the studio last night that I could barely hear over the fun. But it produced another playful patchwork that will also follow the same big plans as this one. Although, those big plans happen to be for some little people.

But grant the weekend for mom and I to realize these mini dreams, and I will share more next week!!

OH!! And why cold coffee?? Those are days in the studio when the mere enthusiasm of what I am doing makes me forget about the usually very necessary cup of coffee. Would make a good mocha milkshake later though, as we celebrate ourselves and our creations.
xoxo, Anna


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I love the result of the fabric's conversations.
    I do not envy your laundry problem at all though. I hate laundry more then anything else and I only have myself, hubby and one daughter! I cant imagine the laundry for 2+5!

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Hey, I was going to do a post-quilt-market laundry post! You should see the pile, it's outrageous!

    Here's hoping you get everything put away before mom comes, so you really can get on to something fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with :-)

  3. Your time with your mother sounds like my times with mine. We can sit for hours knitting or sewing while the children totally destroy the house. Who cares! I too do not mind folding but totally HATE putting in the drawers. I think it is because I have to stuff them in the drawers! Love your blog.

  4. I just stumbled across your gorgeous works, from a link on Heather's site! It is so special to put a face to the name on the fabric I love so well! You and Heather have some beautiful fabrics, to say the least! I am a mother of two, and struggle with the laundry piles in order to make the time to create. We have to create beautiful things to "survive", don't we! daughter has the same "Boden" apple tee! Cute!

  5. sounds like having your mum to stay is fun! =)
    Any shopping my mum and I do together usually includes craft supplies too!
    Have a great time, ooh, and the patchworks are looking great!

  6. There are just four of us and laundry is a nightmare. I hate putting away too and I'll admit half the time I just leave it folded in the basket.

    I have the same problem with my coffee too.

  7. Love your quilt. Did your work out a pattern first?

  8. Hi all thanks for the nice comments on this and other posts! As far as how I did the patchwork-it was just a crazy stack and wack thing.... I saw a quick tutorial somewhere on how to do it simply...and if I can dig it Up again I will forward. I took several fiber/fabric courses in college and we did a whole semester on quilting/piecing. This wa s method we did then and I saw it a gain recently, I think on someone's blog, and thought it would fun to play with again.
    I'll try to find it and send a link!!

  9. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I am laughing at your laundry comment. I have 6 kids and don't mind the folding either. I hate putting it away, which is why I bought a small laundry basket for each child to put his own clothes away. And I *hate* folding the whites and matching up all the little boy socks!!! what a nightmare.

    Enjoy your time with your family on fall break. (and your visiting mama.)

  10. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I liked your laundry description, because it is so much how I view laundry, too. I don't mind doing the laundry, but hate folding the whites, giggle over the little bitty clothes, and hate putting it away! My craft room is also the laundry room, so at least when I am doing laundry, I have to stay nearby (and sew, sew sew), so I can get those clothes out of the dryer so they don't wrinkle...'cuz the only ironing I need to be doing is on my quilting fabrics!

  11. loove this quilted peice you are working on. When i'm sewing on something i'm really excited about i totally forget about my coffee too!

    It reminds me of lyrics from a U2 song - Electrical Storm
    - coffee is cold but it will get you thru, compromise it's nothing new to you..

    i love your blog! i'm a new addict i think.. can't wait to see your new line of fabric

  12. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Did you ever find the tutorial on the stack and wack? I think I saw one recently on a blog somewhere, although I can't seem to find it again. (It's driving me crazy!) If you do find a tutorial could you please pass the link along to me? I would greatly appreciate it! thanks

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