Monday, November 13, 2006

Board Meeting

Well the weekend brought a few things off the drawing board and onto the ironing board. None is complete but all are having fun sitting next to one another. Today's line up at the board meeting is a pieced little person apron, a yo-baby scarf (yep, named it myself) and a new quilt.

The apron pattern has been fun to work on and try on Isabela as I fine-tune the fitting. It's reversible and no strings attached. It's a slip over the head style that she can manage herself. I chose some of my Bohemian fabrics in a somewhat Christmas-y palette and added that red and white one too, upping the silliness factor. Each girl will get her own in due time for elf training.

With the yo-baby scarf I am, once again, compensating for my lack of crochet skills by adding a dash of fabric. But ya know, so be it. It will be super cute with this, and those fancy crochet skills will come in time, I imagine. I sandwiched the end of the scarf between double rows of yo-yo's. Yo-yo's might possibly be the best in-front-of-the-tv endeavor. Another night on the couch with Leo cozy at my feet may get the other end of the scarf finished.

I'm designing a new quilt pattern as well, and trying it out with my Bohemian fabrics first because I've never had the chance to make my own quilt with that range. I designed a diamond pattern quilt for Free Spirit, but one of their people put it together, as I was swamped with other product development at the time. So this is a treat. Speaking of treats, I can't wait until my Chocolate Lollipop cuts of fabric get here!! I will have the first of the yardage in January, but may be able to have some smaller cuts within a few weeks!!! Joy.

A final report from all members at the board meeting shall be forthcoming!



  1. Chocolate Lollipops? Yum - can't wait to see your fabric collection!

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Board Meeting - you're so punny! :-)

  3. Ohhhh, and AHhhhhhh, can't wait to see the finished fancies! You are so inspiring! I'm currently working on my girlies christmas dresses at the moment! Will share the end result, too! Have fun! Laurie~

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Your crocheting is coming along quite nicely. Love the colors of your fabric on your quilt. Everything is so bright and cheery. Looking forward to seeing your new collection soon!

  5. You are one clever lady!!! Board meeting, I love it! I am on the lookout at my LQS's for your fabric lines!

  6. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I think the crochet/fabric meetup is not only legitimate, but a great way to go.

    Looks just lovely.

  7. Anonymous12:17 AM

    I'm loving your new fabric line and can't wait to see the new 'chocolate lollipop' line. Your blog is hilarious and you have such a way of letting us into your studio with your photos and updates. I look forward to your posts with my mornin' cup of coffee! From your friend down the street (literally!)

  8. Anonymous1:54 AM

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