Friday, November 17, 2006

Already Thankful

I am so glad our calenders remind us to be thankful at least once a year. Life seems to go by at such a fast pace, that I forget about the simple things that make me and my family happy. I forget to look at my children when their speaking to me instead of straight through them trying to finish my own interrupted thought and still comprehend what they are talking to me about. I am thankful they are talking to me.

I'm thankful for the permission to slow down and bake that is granted to me when spots appear on my bananas, like they have today. I am thankful that Eleni calls it "nama bread", and really don't look forward to her pronouncing it correctly. I am thankful for the new kitchen I have to bake it in.

Simple things.

This morning I ran into what should have been a really simple situation and it turned out to be sooo complicated and so ridiculous. I am not a fan of writing about negative stuff, but I can't let this go. I am not a Wal-mart shopper, I just don't like getting tires, bras, and cream cheese in the same place. It just doesn't seem right. More power to you if it works out for you. I'll try to keep this short.

I was there to pick up my contacts which I reluctantly ordered through their vision center, only because my friend is the optometrist that has an office in the Wal-mart. Well, I paid for them last week, got a call they were in, went today to pick them up but they wouldn't give them to me. There apparently has to be a "licensed optician" on hand to dispense them to you. My contacts were there, they were paid for, I was there, they are my contacts, but no one would hand them to me. And the "licensed optician" was not due in for another 4 hours.

Let's just leave that situation like that. Annoying, yes. But fine. Whatever. As I was trying to understand these people, Eleni was yanking on my hand and whining to go see this obnoxious Santa display. Then when I was wrapping up with the non-licensed people and making note of the random and very inconvenient hours of the licensed people, Eleni finally broke free and ran over towards the display. Looking back to be sure that I was following her or not too mad at her, she failed to see a big plastic trash can in her path. She turned just in time in her little jog to smash right into it, knocking it over along with about six brooms that were propped up next to it. Of course there were tears, she was holding her lip in pain, but she was fine, it was a lightweight and almost empty trashcan. Well the greeter that was standing there ran off and got on the phone and called for a manager. When I apologized for the mess and tried to make my way out of the store, she said "oh no, no you can't leave now, the manager's coming!" Thouroughly confused, I asked her to clarify, apologized again and continued to comfort Eleni who really wanted to go me.

She told me we had to fill out an incident report becasue Eleni got hurt. I must have looked shocked, which I was. I assured the woman, I think her name tag said Helen, that Eleni (which is greek for Helen...hmmm) was fine, completely fine, and I didn't have any need for the manager. But she assured me that some people say they are fine and then go to the doctor and find out they are not fine. And this with attitude. ATTITUDE. Can you imagine?? I was being given attitude from Helen the greeter because Eleni was FINE and I thought that an INCIDENT report may be a little much. Then I got my favorite: "I'm just doing what I'm told m'am." It wasn't enough that Eleni was fine, Wal-mart wanted me to enter into a contractual agreement with them saying that she was fine, and that if she ever isn't fine it isn't their fault.

Sad, sad, sad. I am thankful for small little shops that barely make rent some months but will take care of your needs and actually bend down to make sure your kids are okay when they get hurt. Who knew Wal-mart was now training their greeters to be paralegals. I just walked away stunned. I didn't wait for the manager. I really do hope Helen didn't get in trouble for that. But I was not going to be held hostage with a crying toddler, no contacts and Helen while the manager walked from what was likely an office that is located a good mile ana half away from the front door.

I am thankful that I came home to a happy, normal and safe house where fat lips and bumped heads are not only manageable but come standard. I am thankful for the simple pleasures that will take place around our 10 foot long old farm table next week.

And I hate to bore you with this, but THANK YOU for accomodating today's story of complications!

xoxox, AM


  1. Sorry you had such a bad time at WalMart. I shop there and sometimes it's a good thing, and ... somtimes not.

    I enjoyed your thankful theme of this post. We all would do well to slow down.

    Ok...gotta run. Have a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving with your faimily.

  2. Hi I am glad Eleni is okay. I completly agree about Walmart. I really do not like going there. It is not a happy place. It is a huge eyesore full of unfriendly salespeople and inferior merchandice. I try not to go there. I like Target much better. The prices are just as good and often better then Walmart and the salespeople are nice.

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    AM, I am an appreciative textile blog reader -- your blog is beautiful. NOW, WalMart is a bad poison filled place -- unhumanly big, too plastic, putting small businesses OUT of business when diversity is the base of health and joy and the planet. BOO Walmart. YEAH for you! Take care, Melissa

  4. Oh my GGGGGoooddddness! Tell me about "Welmart" as my daughters call it. The two times a year I do venture in there I have to sike myself up to even go in there and then you come out feeling like you need to take a bath. We can indeed be so thankful that we can shop elsewhere! I stood in line waiting to have half a yard of chocolate brown fabric cut, once upon a time and some lady was ahead of me taking forrrrrever and the lady cutting the fabric couldn't even cut a straight the time i was done and gone I was in such a bad mood for waiting so longggg...with a toddler in the cart, waiting with me. I am embarassed to say I even bought the odd piece of fabric there. Horray for and fatquartershop, etc!! Love your beautiful fabrics, once again! I am going online to buy some more, this afternoon! Yay! Have a great weekend! Laurie~

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I will only go to Wal-mart in an extreme situation; e.g. 2am, sick child and out of Tylenol. I get physically ill when I go in there.

  6. I stopped shopping at Walmart in June and have not looked back since. You could try 1-800-contacts and they send them to you. I am all in favor of having anything delivered that I can: milk, dry cleaning, movie rentals, and contacts. The fewer stores I have to go to with children the happier I am.

  7. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I tend to go into rant mode when that store comes up in discussion. I will try not to. But simply said, it represents so much that is wrong with our society.
    I could almost feel the oasis that your home is for you compared to that environment ...

  8. Nice giving thanks post. So sorry about the Wal-Mart thing. We don't have any large or super size Wal-Marts so can't relate to all these bad experiences everyone else is writing about. Ours are all small ones in neighborhoods (where there has never been any shops) and 80% of the working folks already know you when you go there (half the gals are grandmas, so always fun to chat with). But, have been in many a store (big and small) with the same bad thing experience. It is always nice to be able to vent when stuff gets crazy like that. Always feel for the little ones when something bad happens.

  9. Anonymous2:44 AM

    i am the proud proprietor of a tiny little shop selling my own handmade goods in umina, australia,and also a mother of two, and i totally agree on the "super store" issue, i find dealing with small business so much more personal and friendly, and just so much easier to deal with mentally.

  10. I worked at Wal-Mart during college and it really is a de-humanizing place. You would not believe what I put up with for $5.15/hour. Shopping there now is a last resort.

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