Tuesday, October 31, 2006

To Market and Home Again

Here's the welcome my kids put out for me upon my return home from Quilt Market in Houston. I'm not really sure I know what it is or what it was suppose to be, but that is so not the point. It was there waiting for me. It was worth it to someone to tape popsicle sticks together in honor of mommy's return. And after some serious lack of sleep it was good to have a material clue I was at the right house.

And speaking of lack of sleep. What an amazingly wonderful time I had rooming with Heather. It was so good to meet her in the flesh just to be sure we were actually two different people. Through many emails, blogmails, and voicemeails we have racked up more similarities and parallels that I can count on two hands. We spent hours and hours finding more and sharing many belly laughs. I can't say how nice it is to find a friend in the industry with such a similar set of priorities both in work and life. She's worth a million more posts but here's just two funny things: We stayed up so late/early talking one night that I said "Heather look, I think its getting light outside" to which she slammed her head on the pillow yelling "Quick go to sleep!". We laughed so hard, that we earned our fifth wind and kept talking. Also, we both thought the other would bring toothpaste when each of us forgot so we brushed our teeth with Orbitz gum and kept forgetting to buy toothpaste when we had the chance. I'm hoping no one noticed, if so, we are both genuinely sorry.

Our new friendship would have been more than enough to carry that trip but in addition I was able to meet more wonderful talents. As always it was good to see and hang with Debbie, Meridith and Donna from Free Spirit. They do such an amazing job of interpreting our dreams into fabric. Heather Ross is every bit as adorable and bright as her fabrics. Denyse Schmidt is just as unique, beautiful, and warm as her quilts. I truly enjoyed a chance to get to know her. Jane Sassaman is even more vibrant and lovely in person...just like seeing her quilts up close. Robyn Pandolph is elegant and sweet, embodying the beauty of her fabrics completely. Kirsten and Kath of Prints Charming are just exactly that, charming! And of course with their adorable Aussie accents and bright beautiful faces, I never wanted them to stop talking. What a wonderful group of gals. Such diverse and inspired talent, I am so humbled to be a part of it!

There were also several encounters with the wonderful Gina, she will be featuring some new goodies of mine within the next few months, and possibly earning some mag spots too. She is a sweetie! Oh also, I was constantly stopped and asked about this.

I wish I could have stayed longer. I wish I could have talked more. I wish I could have seen and heard more. But I had a very special boy's birthday cake to make and some of his wishes to grant. And just like his premature arrival 7 years ago, Joseph's birthday didn't coveniently work into my business plans. But nothing worth it is ever convenient.

Wishing you a wonderful day! xoxo,AM


  1. What an adorable home coming welcome!

    And I love the sweet face with the cake pic.

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Hi Anna Maria,

    I adore your blog - and your fabric, I just line a bag from a fabric in your bohemian line. I found you through heather whom I think I found through Whip Up.

    As I started reading I realized that we are practically neighbors ( I live on Stanford). I have a first grader at Percy Priest and I suspect that you do too.


  3. Wow! Hi Dixie, you are my neighbor. And yes Joseph is a first grader!
    Feel free to email me privately-thanks for your kind words and thanks for saying hello!
    xo, AM

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Those are some lovely popscicle sticks! So sweet...

    Welcome home, and happy birthday to your preemie- mine turns four in a couple weeks...

  5. Happy happy to your sweetie too!
    Thanks! xo,AM

  6. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Happy, happy day to sweet Joseph! Hope you have a great birthday.
    Love, Miss Pam
    Anna, the popsicycle sticks are adorable.

  7. Hi friend,

    I hope you got some sleep when you got home...You and Heather make a great team of girl talk and sleepless nights. I got home and was too excited to sleep, thus I have not for about 36 hours. Maybe tonight...but then again I have had a bit of Halloween candy...and I am pretty "sugared" up. I loved hanging out with you and being drenched in your excitement for life and the quilting industry.
    Hugs to the tall dark one and all your kiddies.
    Lets "talk" soon.

  8. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Hey, you told on us! What a pair of giddy girls.

    I wish you could have stayed all weekend, but I don't think we would have survived the sleep deprivation, however self-imposed.

    Missing you already,

  9. Great meeting you there! Love your fabric.

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