Friday, October 06, 2006

Summer Was Here

Remember when I was talking about palette last week and the projects it can inspire?

Oh I could ramble on and on about the beauty of autumn, the burst of colors, the crisp leaf-burning smell in the air........or how as I drove Isabela to preschool this morning, the breeze coming through the cracked window gave me a tickling flutter around my heart as we rode over hills waving to the neighboring horse farms on our daily path.

It is my favorite season by far.

For now I'll share a stream of consciousness creative path that resulted in a new shoulder bag pattern. The first prototype's fabric choice was inspired by the current state of my garden. You'll notice my pink summer roses performing one last encore before they bow out to the golden chrysanthemums coming from backstage.

Right, golden tones with a shot of pink...........

What inspired the function of this bag was the need for sliding car keys in and out as easily as a notebook. I am always carrying around a folder, sketchbook, portfolio, or something and have few bags that are tall enough or have a wide enough "mouth" to accomodate my ventures.
Once the different textures and glowing palette were together, it reminded me of our living room, so I thats where I photographed it.

The nature of the construction has visible "hand", as I employed braided strips, ruffles and so forth. I wanted something that felt comfortable on my shoulder, durable to carry weight and look inventive at the same time. Taking this detail shot above and seeing the shock of tourquoise lining reminded me of this painting............

........its called "new mother peeling pears" and its of my friend Kristy Lord Johnstone who sat for me shortly after having her second baby.

Pondering how one palette can connect a garden, a room, a handbag, and a painting had me all excited and happy. It feels as though I've honored that natural beauty with every bit of skill and craft I could squeeze out.

Hope it made you happy too.

xoxo,Anna Maria


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    What a beautiful painting & purse! And hot pink walls? You are too cool.

  2. I love your 'mother peeling pears' painting! I often paint pears and now they are in season again!

  3. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I adore that purse! I want one for myself. <3 Joan.

  4. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I am inspired by your blog each day I visit...LOVE IT!!!! Where do I go to buy some of your products? Like the purse you just made? The lunch bags,etc?

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