Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Secret Stash

It was even a secret to me!!!

Rememeber when I said in my very first post that I had gotten my studio all organized, folded fabrics and everything?? Well ever since, as I work on some new projects, I keep getting visions in my mind's eye of these fabrics that I just can't seem to locate.

After those visions kept coming today while piecing some goodies, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to have another looksy in the creeky old warm attic (which always reminds me of my Grandma...good, good feeling). You see when we remodeled our kitchen over the winter, I had to empty out some of studio cabinets so that I could use them as a makeshift pantry in the dining room. And just when I thought I had retrieved every bit of those cabinet contents back from the 3000 square foot attic, I found I was WRONG.

I also found THIS!

So I will have a relaxing evening of folding old friends instead of folding laundry. Better than a cash prize.



  1. Now that is a lot of folding! Just found your blog today - it's terrific.

  2. Anonymous5:59 AM

    So glad that Heather pointed us to your blog.

    Bohemian is beautiful - a piece is becoming a skirt at present.

  3. Folding fabric is ALWAYS better than folding laundry! I want to find boxes like that in my attic, alas only spiders.

  4. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I followed Heather's link over. Just wanted to tell you that I just bought some of your fabric last week and sewed something up with it. It is just beautiful and I was wondering why I hadn't seen your stuff before. Now that I've had a taste of your fabric, I've got to go back and get more!

  5. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Anna Maria, just wanted to pop over to say hello. Heather Bailey introduced me to you and your work is fab fab fab! Just wanted to wave howdy, and let you know that I'll be back soon! Hope the finger is ok!

  6. Graet blog. Wow, you do a lot!

  7. Great blog. Wow! You do a lot.

  8. I was reading HELLO my name is Heather this morning and popped on over to visit your blog. You are so talented. I love secret stashes of fabric! Have fun folding.

  9. I too just discovered your beautiful blog via Heather's blog. I especially like the bag with the braided straps, and the painting it reminded you of.

    I'll definitely be back to see more of your art/crafting.

  10. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Hi! Just linked up from Heather. Guess where I live? KnoxVegas!! I used to visit your store here. I have often wondered what happened to you because I loved your things so...I am a designer as well, and you are a great inspiration. I will be visiting daily.


  11. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Hi - I'm here forom Heather's too! Your fabric and paintings are so lovely. I will be visiting often!

  12. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Jinks! I found one too. My husband and I moved across the country this summer and just yesterday I found a whole bag of scrap fabric that I thought I'd left behind.

  13. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I, too, followed Heather's link... don't you just love it when you find fabric you haven't seen in a while, or had forgotten about? I love fabric myself and have it stashed everywhere in my studio.

    I'd love to add you to my sidebar... do you mind? Your blog is great!

  14. HI Jill-that would be great, thanks for adding me!!! Love your blog to at a quick glance, xo, Anna Maria

  15. I love your stash... and your blog is so inspiring..