Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Petite Pop-ups

Look at what I found blooming in the garden this morning!

I immediately plucked them and stuck them in a sunny spot.

From what I can tell they will thrive in sunny or shadey areas, and require very little care, except for an occasional fluffing.

I'll let you know how to propagate these blooms soon.



  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    love those pillows and the look of that bench. your photos are great!

  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Those pillows are absolutely beautiful. My couch in the lounge could really use some of those!

  3. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Love love love those pillows. I have copied the idea and made my own version. Not as good as yours but I think the next go will be better.

  4. Anonymous5:35 PM

    How pretty! I would LOVE to know how to make these!

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