Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not so heroic

Okay, so yamember last night when I said that I was going to spend the entire evening romantically folding a secret stash of fabrics that I storybook style happened upon???

I was sorely mistaken....and I mean SORELY mistaken.

I spent the night in the E.R. and the morning in the O.R. and the afternoon in the W.H.Y.M.E. and then transferred to the H.O.W. on earth. I have tried to answer the how so many times to so many doctors, physician's assistants, nurses, anesthesialogists (sp?), surgeons, x-ray techs, you name it. With every lame attempt to describe my even lamer freak accident involving that beautiful tool which I admire the most, I kept thinking if I could just use that tool...the almighty pencil...and draw a picture of it, maybe it would then actually make sense.

So here goes, I figured drawings would be much less grotesque than photos.

An unsuspecting Anna flits around the studio tidying up, anticipating a night of folding fabric fun. The No.2 lies in wait.

Not noticing a very sharp pencil on the floor, left by who knows, Anna walks in its path and in one motion manages to scoop up the pencil with the right foot, jabbing the lead into the middle toe of the left foot, tripping on it enough to hear a snapping break of the lead, and finally landing on the floor in one whiney "fwump-ouwwwah". She could see a deep whole in her toe and feel a huge amount of pressure, but then the real horror set in.......

....laying on the floor behind her was a pencil with the top broken off, not just the lead but the wood too. "Where is the tip to that pencil?", she thought to herself as she tearfully rubbed her hands across the can't-wait-to-rip-it-up carpet. Upon the quick and obvious analysis that the rest of that pencil was lodged in her toe, with no easy way to get it out, Anna and her nurse/neighbor Karen, decided this
was worth bringing Daddy home from work and taking a trip to the ER.

So many hours and three attempts by two people later (and lots of toe pain) we could not dislodge all the pencil from my foot. The best option was to stay overnight in the hospital, and wake up to the hope that it wouldn't take long to get into surgery.

I wish my first, and hopefully only, surgery had been for a more noble cause....but as several people have pointed out, its like a strangely beautiful irony that I was injured on the most basic tool of my trade. You could say drawing is in my blood, er-uhh, not anymore I guess.

The happy ending? Coming home from a successful, quick surgery this afternoon and finding this on a day when I felt like such a clutz.

Heather did me a blurb and I am so grateful because I am meeting more of YOU and I appreciate all the wonderful new friends I have and all their comments too!! Keep em comin.

"Miss Amazing" was not feeling such today, but I thank you none the less.

And Heather, these are for you, they're freshcut

xoxox, AM.


  1. oh my, a pencil in the toe! what a way to meet you! wonderful about finding the secret stash though.
    Hope you are feeling better today and be very careful where you step! after hearing this story I will never complain about all the legos on the the floor around here again!

  2. But oh my, those tiny legos hurt so bad when you step on them, don't they!?

  3. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I know I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it - reads like a comic strip. I hope it's not giving you too much pain.

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Oh ouch! I commiserate with you. I remember when my son leapt over a wooden gate and his big toe grazed the top. He ended up with a dime-sized splinter of wood under his toenail. After about 4 hours waiting in ER (around midnight!) a nurse got it out with some fancy tweezers. The oddest accidents can happen... Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I hope you are up and about real soon. Sorry to hear of your accident wishing you well.

  6. Holy cow, what a freak accident! I hope you feel better soon. Does it hurt to walk now?

    Love your blog, by the way ;-)

  7. You guys are soooo sweet, its not so bad, but I haven't been brave enough to look at the damage under the gauze thouhg, I'm such a baby!!
    Doesn't hurt too badly!
    Thanks for all the well wishes!!!

  8. Anonymous10:00 AM

    OOh sorry, but I laughed too, but I'm glad you're ok. Doozy of an accident, beautifully illustrated. Lovely flowers!

  9. Oh, I do hope you are feeling better. Your blog is fantastic and I can't wait to see what new creations come out of your studio!

  10. Anonymous11:04 AM

    How horrible! I'm a baby about these things too and wouldn't have looked either. Hope your toe heals quickly!

  11. Glad you are okay! I love the pics.

  12. Anonymous1:11 PM

    You know, I really appreciate that you used drawings instead of pictures to tell your sad, sad story. ;) Glad to her that you're back home and maybe you'll get to fold those fabric scraps after all.

  13. Aiyee! I'm so sorry about your run in with the pencil.

    I had a similar run in with a pencil in Fifth grade and I still have a black spot of lead in my toe!

    Found your blog by way of Heather B's, and I'm loving the glimpse into your world...thank you!

    Amy Rue

  14. Anonymous2:23 PM

    *wishing you quick, happy, healing thoughts*.
    I was practically holding my foot in pain just looking at the pictures! You poor, poor thing!

  15. I found you through Heather and I'm so glad I did. I had a studio accident this year involving a foot and a pin cushion, so I can really feel your pain. Excellent pictures and it is obvious you didn't lose your sense of humor!!

  16. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Sorry to hear about your toe. I hope it is back to normal soon. I also found you through Heather's site and am glad I did. I love your fabrics and just finished a messenger bag/purse made from them. I'll send a picture soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  17. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Again, I too found you through Heather.

    My dear, I am so sorry to hear what happened. However, it makes my toe story much easier to swallow (I broke my little toe by running into a, I was not intoxicated, inebriated, or under any type of substance whatsoever...I merely have no coordination).

    Can you walk ok? We never realize how much our toes do for us until they are out of action for awhile.

  18. Anonymous4:45 PM

    great illustrations to a horrible happening, hope you're okey now. your blog is veeery nice indeed!

  19. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Oh my! Who would've thought a pencil could put you in the ER?
    Great story! Hope your foot feels better soon xox

  20. Anonymous6:14 PM

    wooow mom. i think you are the coolest ever. glad your toe is still in tact. and your dignity hopefully.
    with love
    your daughter

  21. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Ouchie! You are right, it is ironic to be injured by the most basic tool of your hope it heals quickly! I looked through another website of yours and really enjoy the style of your designs. So full of life. I look forward to spending more time here. I have no idea how you do it with 5 kids!!! You're my hero!

    :) lucy

  22. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Oh, you poor thing!

    I used to be a volunteer EMT, and during that time, I was attempting to catch my roomate's escaped kitty from outdoors. I grabbed the kitty, and the kitty promptly tried to remove the last 1/2" of my right thumb.

    I was shaking so hard from the adrenalin that I had to call my own rescue squad to come out and get the bleeding stopped. It was the height of embarassment and owie.

    So I feel for you...but with a new kitchen like you've got, and all the things you're involved in, I bet the injury will be a memory soon enough.

    Came here by way of Heather; what fantastic work you do!

  23. Anonymous8:21 PM

    LOVE the illustrations - you made it fun to read your sad, sad tale.

    And, thanks for the bouquet! Wilt-free, my favorite kind.

  24. Anonymous1:58 AM

    Those illustrations are amazing. So glad you are back with us as I can't wait for more of your blog entries. You are a very talented lady. hey you can even injure your toe in style. Quick healing vibes coming your way.

  25. Sounds like the new rule in the house is "no more pencils on the floor"!!! I once broke my fingers by getting them stuck in an ATM machine, my college roommate has never let me live that down! Glad you're on the mend!

  26. I found a link to your blog from another blogger. I love your art work. The drawings of your foot and the pencil are outstanding. Hope you are doing better. In 3rd grade I got a pencil jammed in my hand and still have the scare some 40 years later.

  27. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I can relate! In my last year of school, I stepped on one of the tools of my crafty trade - a sewing needle. It snapped in half, with one part in my hand and the other in my heel.

    A trip to the orthopedic surgeon, a valium and a 2 1/2 minute surgery via a moving x-ray, and it was out. And the funny thing - other than the initial part, it didn't hurt all that much.

  28. Hi Anna Maria! I found your blog through Heather. I hope your toe is well on its way to being mended.

    I had to share my husband's silly pencil story. When he was in elementary school his bendroom had shag carpeting (the nasty stuff so popular in the 1970s - not to be confused with Austin Powers). Before school one day he was attempting to balance while standing on his basketball. Needless to say, he fell to the ground where he managed to land with his hand propping up a pencil. The other end of the pencil jabbed into his leg. He stood up and pulled the pencil out of his leg. Today he still has a tiny mark in the back of his thigh.

    Those pencils are dangerous things!

  29. So sorry about your "lead foot". I am sure it has only slowed you down slightly!

  30. oh anna, this post is hilarious. I'm so happy you linked to it so I found it. I needed a good anna maria chuckle today! l, j