Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finding my digknitty

It's finished! My redemption in yarn world has been completed. I will happily flaunt my single crochet know-how from Nashville to Houston. And may I say, that if a handbag can be cozy, this one is. Its just plain warm on your lap. And on a rainy morning like this, the warmth and vibrance of this tote-along is very welcome. Not to mention my lap will be empty for the next few days traveling alone with no kidos. Awwe, kinda sad. Oh they'll be fine. And so will I!

A few notes about the construction. Literally this is two rectangles and one long strap of single crochet. I just joined the rectangles together in the center instead of the sides with the orange contrast. I am crazy for braided dangleys these days. Dunno why. I'll readily admit that the braids and orange color feel slightly Pippi. Or lets just say playful. The fabric lining is especially helpful to keep the bag from stretching with the weight of life's heavy necessities. Oh yea, when I made this one, I was so excited about color I forgot to sew in the pockets. So the new one has the high-positioned for easy grab and elasticized to prevent slip out pockets. Did I tell you about my new Chocolate phone? Why isn't it brown???

Well seeing as how the only thing packed inside that suitcase are my barely-broken-in knitting needles, I better scoot. (No carryon I found out with those.) I gotta try on all the outfits which are clean (not many) to figure out what to throw in. I am so stoked to be hanging with the Free Spirit bunch, rooming with Heather, researching sewing pattern publishing, meeting Gina, and just plain getting away! I'll also be finalizing the selections of my new fabric line, Chocolate Lollipop, coming out in May 2007. I can't wait for you to see it, but it has to be a secret for the next few months!! My only hint for you is that it's SWEET!

Have a fabulous weekend! xo,AM


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Gorgeous! I love the color combination and your lining fabric.
    My mother was quite the crocheter but sadly I never learned how. Now my daughter is effortlessly knitting and crocheting. Perhaps she'll teach me someday!

  2. Have fun in Houston!

  3. Just beautiful! I'm loving crochet right now...and I'm also trying(!) to learn to knit. What yarn is that, it's great! Love the elasticized pockets too.

  4. Anonymous2:03 AM

    love your blog, love all the eye candy, LOVE your kitchen, now to go find your fabric!
    Will be back!

  5. Thanks for all your nice comments! The yarn is called Licorice...not sure of the brand I will see if I can dig up the wrapper!, xo,AM

  6. Anonymous6:26 AM

    oh it is a fantastic bag. I cannot knit, but love to crochet. I should attempt a bag before it gets too hot in the southern parts of the world. the colours are very groovy.

  7. Good luck to all who try doing a similar bag and let me know how it goes!!

  8. fantastic bag!! i have started to knit again like crazy but i forgot how cool crochet can look too! suuper cute

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