Thursday, October 12, 2006

Better from heart to toe

Well I tell you what, I feel much better today.

The toe is not so painful. Come to find out, I don't use my left middle toe too much in the studio. Picking up the kids from school and clutching a zillion lunchboxes, tote bags, permission slips, jackets, and still-wet artwork all with a two-ana-half year old on the hip is a different story all together. We managed just fine though.

But my heart is better today too. I spent the morning slowing down, reading comments & well wishes from some very kind women ,and looking through the impressive array of creativity behind the women who sent them. Thank you so so much. In return I am sorry to hear about each and every injury that my comical catastrophe brought to each of your minds, and appreciate your sharing! (mostly cause I feel a little less dumb now)

I think every medical professional I came in contact with shared the "dark mark" under their skin, accompanied by the school age story of how it got there. Its apparently universal.

I also finally got to those fabrics and all are in tidy little stacks. I've shared a few of my favorites

Fun stuff. Back in the full swing soon, lots of painting to do....



  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I have a little black "tattoo" in my hand from art school where I accidentally stabbed myself with an ink drawing pen.
    Yes! Universal.
    Glad to hear you got to the fabric and that your foot is not too painful. xox

  2. Hi there! I am SOOOO happy that Heather gave us all the heads up on your new blog -- I love it already and can't wait to add it to my bloglines. Wow, mom of 5 and you do all that? There is hope for me yet!!!! I only have four, and feel very sheepish for the self-pity I have at times... you are a wonderful inspiration! Welcome to blogland, it's a great sisterhood out here!

  3. Excuse me Leanne, did you say only 4 children!?
    I was nuts with one, and have been nuts ever since! I thrive on feeling sorry for myself, are you kidding.....I made a caroon of my surgery for heaven's sake.

    mother on,

    xo, AM

  4. TYPO:
    meant to say "made a cartoon"
    don't know how to make a caroon....maybe someone out there does.

  5. Just discovered your blog (and website) via Heather's. I like it a lot!
    Hope your toe is better :)

  6. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I am coveting that yellow fabric with the pink fountain and shopping lady (best way I could think of to describe it!) Where do you find some of your fabrics (besides the attic, lol!) Glad to hear you're doing better...had to show the post to my hubby...the drawings make all the difference!

  7. Oh gosh- I find them all over-its actually been months since I shopped for fabric-with the thrill of designing my first fabric line, I am just now getting that hankering again. That particular fabric you mention, I've probably had for about 8 years!


    You need a baby sling for that 2-1/2 year old. I know you carried the others on your hip too, but you are doing yourself damage: plus the kid will like it. I found the link above, and was interested because we have a 2-1/2 year old grandson. I thought I'd make our daughter-in-law a sling for those times he needs to be carried (by dad or mom).

  9. I'm so glad to have come upon your blog.
    That fabric in the bottom right corner is to die for! That lady looks like she is having the time of her life!
    I think all of us artists have at least one accident we'd rather not mention. Mine involved a linoleum cutter and fainting. We'll leave it at that! :)
    Hope you are feeling better.

  10. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Nice to meet you, AM! Here's another commenter who is so happy Heather linked to your blog- I love your work and look forward to inspiration from you! ;)

    So glad you're feeling back to normal(ish)!

    (another) Heather

  11. I'm with the others on that yellow fabric with the shopping lady - how cool is that? Is the bottom left fabric crewel? They're all so pretty.

  12. So the yellow fabric has won-I agree, its to die for. When I had my dress shop, Handmaiden, I used it to make the CUTEST knee-length, puff-cap sleeve, empire-waist, pencil straight dress....they were so flirty, french and fun. Wish I had kept one!

    And yes the other lower fabric is crewel-which I can never get enough of...its so old world.

  13. I love the yellow story print.!

  14. Yes, I found you via Heather too. . . and I find great inspiration in other moms who manage to balance home life + a creative career! I have three little ones. . . I can't imagine five! You are my hero! :)