Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today is coloring day

So today is a mostly normal studio day with just one little one in tow, who is happily learning the beauty of stencils at the think-table in the studio. Eleni is 2 and a big half and is my almost constant companion as she is only at a school program two days out of the week. We call the other days mommy days. When I covered her little chubby hand with mine to train her crayon through those stencil slots she giggled loud like she was on a rollercoaster or like she was getting tickled. I have that occassional weeeeeeee feeling, but not nearly enough!

Walking around the house getting everyone ready for school this morning I lost my cup of coffee.......but while looking for it I found the sunlight hitting this little bouquet I made from the yard the other day, and the color hypnotized me. ... "what a pallette" I thought to myself. So I quickly took a snap as I often do for future reference. The inspiration will not necessarily lead me to designing something floral.........its just that combo of colors that may find a home somewhere. I love how that happens.........its a weeee moment.

On the tack board today is a pillow front design that is waiting for a promotion to the stuffing department. I made it from my Bohemian line of fabrics and still stewing on it. You see I have been jotting notes and playing with prototypes for a collection of patterns to sell to retailers as a companion with my fabric lines.

I do have a pattern that made it all the way to the stuffing department and serves me greatly as I work on others..........its this lovely little blossom pin cushion made from a decades long collection of fabrics with some of my own new fabrics.

So onward with coloring designs are beckoning me from the drafting table to be finished and realized.......and preschool pickup time will roll around too quickly.......well until the "maaaamaaa" squeal comes at me, then its never soon enough.

Also need to find my coffee cup and reheat to get through the rest of the day.

Go color something, xoxo, Anna Maria


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Love the colors... but I was wondering, can you do something in black and white?

    secret admirer