Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My first entry!

Welcome to You and to Me! So blogging is a new thing for me and it seems there is never an end to the ways in which we can connect with friends, family and people interested in our happenings......which is great! My intent for this blog is to keep the masses (little or big) up on what I have going on with work in the studio and occassionally family as they seem to coincide quite often.

The quickest way to learn more about me is to visit annamariahorner.com and dig around for info! As a design studio owner I have my hands in many pots not the least of which is a pot that feeds five children! Yes I did say 5. They are a wonderful gang of beautiful sillyheads that keep me inspired to do my work and not take myself too seriously. And yes, ofcourse its a huge challenge to raise them and run a business, but I can say I haven't been bored in 15 years.

Anyway, I am hoping that this is a good way to keep all of you interested folks posted on whats happening here in the studio..........what fabric collections I'm working on, where/when they will be sold, who will carry my tabletop items, which trade shows I will be attending and other fun stuff. I am also constanty improving my home and I find the lines between that and real work get very blurred and one endeavor seems to inspire the other. So its superfun fun to see that my home design adventures are becoming meaningful projects to share with you as well.

The biggest news in the studio lately is that I am organized.......yes the big O. My dear husband, Jeff, helped me rebuild cabinets and other random furniture pieces that the studio seems to collect into some really useful work spaces and storage. I organized my stash of fabrics, built a new design wall to tack up my ideas and inspirations, set up a little product gallery of all my licensed giftwares.....and there will be more as there is carpet to be ripped and walls to be painted. I've shared some images of the new studio nooks here and there,and I'll share more as ongoing and photoworthy improvements are made!

Designwise I just wrapped up my second collection of fabrics called Chocolate Lollipop for Free Spirit Fabric, also 4 collections of tablecloths, runners, placemats and other table textiles for Peking Handicraft, and other projects for giftwrap, giftbags, melamine dishes, ceramic plates, so on and so forth! All these items will roll out into stores next year, and I'll update you as they do.

Thats all for now, I need to roll the design chair over to the painting table and compose some new holiday designs for some of my clients. PPD, the manufacturer who produces all my paper napkins and plates, has tapped me for some Holiday 07 designs so if its off to sketching today! That is until a little person needs something.......ahhh the juggle.

I'm really looking forward to sharing all my thoughts, processes, happenings and creations with you. I love hearing from you too!

Oh yea-and here are some my current favorite blogs!! (who also happen to carry my Bohemian fabric line)



xoxo, AnnaMaria


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM


    Glad to help further the cause of good design by trying out your blog's comment function. Everything looks great. I can tell you worked hard on it. One funny note: when you gave me your blog address, you wrote "bogspot.com"--guess it feels like you've been slogging through this project for a while, eh? But--and this is the important part--it doesn't look like it. It looks exuberent and bright. Here's to many, many more postings.

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Great blog, looks great and very inspiring too!!!

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Hey Annabanana

    Loved your blog and a glimpse of your new studio. Hope all is well, you are getting lots done with the kids in school.

    Big hugs to ya


  4. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Love it! Amazing what four cups of coffee can do-you did this quick!
    This is my first blog, too! Great way to keep up with your stuff, See you soon!
    --kathy m

  5. Anonymous7:27 PM

    You never cease to amaze me! This looks fabulous. I can't wait to see what's next.

  6. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Welcome to blogland! Get ready for a steady drip of encouragement to help you spin those many plates - and design some too!

    I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say about life... and how you do everything with five kids underfoot. Wow, Wonderwoman, do share your secrets!

  7. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I ADORE your art and especially the resultant fabrics. I think I must rush right now to find a whole passle of Bohemian fat quarters!

  8. Anonymous12:13 AM

    You, your family and your blog are a delight! Inspiring! Please share more of the fun "behind the scenes" stuff about working on new products. I suspect most of your readers don't realize how much advance work goes into the products we buy at the gift stores!

    Keep up the great work! You have a gift for communication!

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    You never cease to amaze me! This looks fabulous. I can't wait to see what's next.
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