Thursday, August 07, 2014

Last official day

...of summer.

All my studio days this summer have been sorta short, or otherwise highly interrupted.  Summer is a completely different kind of work-at-home work. 5 people are headed back to school tomorrow.  We only have a 7 week summer in our county, bc they've extended the fall, winter and spring breaks.  Overall I think it works better for their brains but I am never ready for summer to be over.  Well, that's not true.  I do crave schedule right around now.  But I sorta hate to see them go.  I love hainvg this bunch of people around me so much, in spite of the occasional bouts with chaos and noise levels one cannot write a sewing pattern through. 

Anyway, this is today.  One layer at a time we are making a 4x6' family painting.  No rules except not to intentionally make a sibling angry.  We decided I should take the day off and do something we've never done together and this is what everyone settled on.  So that layer is almost dry, time to round them back up and head out for the next. 

I hope summer is treating you well.  I miss sharing here more with you.....I am easily found daily on Instagram if you miss me too.  I am far from giving up on blogging, though.  It just ebbs and flows like everything else in a lived life.

kisses, xoxoAnna


  1. So glad you're not done blogging! I love your blog and find it so inspiring to look at your beautiful photos and colors.

  2. love the family painting! what a great idea! and nodding my head in agreement about trying to write a sewing pattern in a busy house...i've got one that goes back next week, the other the following. i need the schedule!

  3. Oh no please don't ever give up on blogging! You're SO good at it! I look forward to every post of your beautiful words and photos. Thank you for your wonderful photos on Instagram too! Love your family painting!

  4. Group paintings with almost no rules are so fun! I've done them a few times with my elementary school art clubs. I hate throwing away all the paint that is left on pallets after we paint our papier mach. So I have canvas or large cardboard (and one year it was a thrifted plaster bust of Beethoven!) to use up the acrylics.The only rule is no new paint. Kids and I love the freedom of it every year. :D