Thursday, May 15, 2014

A pretty piece of cake

After sewing for my own little girls for more than 22 years it somehow has not gotten any less fun. I take so much pleasure in it. Somewhere around 8 years ago it got an extra jolt of fun added when I launched my first line of fabrics. With the myriad of projects I keep in mind for my collections, I still look at the arrival of new bolts to the studio with the wonder of which will be the first to get made into a dress for one of my girls. It is still the project filter through which I view all my fabric. Now plans are one thing, and actually sewing through those plans another. We know this. Even my girls tease me with "hey remember that dress you were going to make me".  So much so that one of them had to go get a fashion degree to make her own.  Ahem.  But having a very simple and quick pattern at the ready is one thing that really helps me follow through. My new free pattern created for and with my friends at Janome is the simple pattern that has run though my machines and onto baby Mary Anna's chubby little figure at least 6 or 7 times now. Yes, it is that simple. The Piece-a-Cake baby dress is now ready for you to watch, download, print, cut, sew, and enjoy.  It is a perfect little layer peeking out from underneath handknits or fluffing about over leggings or bloomers.  Visit my collaboration page at Janome for all of the links, and a little more from me about the pattern.
And yes that red & white colorway of my Banner Days print from Pretty Potent was snipped off the bolt and made into that dress practically before we had everything else out of boxes and onto the bolt shelves.  There is the whole quilting cotton collection for Pretty Potent which is now in our shop as well as delivered to all points around the globe!  I love these fabrics so much and will be back next to share my inspirations for the collection and some up close looks!
xo, Anna


  1. Babycakes is mighty adorable on her tippy toes!

  2. That banner dress is so so cute! Off to check out the pattern, thanks!

  3. Oh gosh, those chubby legs and feet are adorable!

  4. Your baby is absolutely the sweetest thing ever. Love the little legs. The dress is precious too. Always love to see what you are making.

  5. i spotted these dresses half-made in a previous photo/post and HOPED there'd be a pattern sometime - thank you :) will be sewing some up quickly for my little girl - after 2 boys, girl sewing is FUN!

  6. i think this just might be my favorite AMH collection so far

  7. awwww she's so cute!!!!

  8. A stunning photo of Mary Anna! On her tippy toes to look out at the world!

  9. It's funny you mention how quickly fabric gets cut into… when I look around my home I see numerous projects out of your fabric. I realized recently that when your fabric arrives, I immediately act out the plan, while other fabric sits waiting! Your designs are amazing, including this newest release❤ be blessed AMH!

  10. Beautiful dresses and fabric! But I love your babies feet as she looks out the window! So darling.

  11. I really love your home dec weight fabric, velveteen and linen fabrics! I see Pretty Potent is not made in any of those. I've been meaning to ask you - any plans for any of those weights in the near(ish) future?

    1. Hi Emily- thank you :)

      Pretty Potent is in quilting cotton, rayon, flannel, voile and in some prints it will also be in knit. We are somewhat limited in the total number of fabric choices that we have for each line, because it is based on a retailer's total ability to buy-in to an entire collection in all base cloth varieties, as well as the fabric mills quantity requirements being so high in production of each type.

      So that is a little insight that didn't even answer your question, ha!

      I always have the base cloths that you mention on my list of what to do next.... just has to match up with the right collection... I do not in fact have them on the list of goods being issued for this calender year, however I am sure I will in 2015. In addition I am working on some new categories of base cloth that I have NEVER done! :) Very exciting and can't wait to share!

      Hope that helps :)

  12. Oh yes it helps! Yes! Thanks so much for providing the most lovely designs on the various base cloths! It's really dreamy to sew up either a quilt, or a dress (or in my case pajamas!) with the voile. I have not tried the rayon or the challis yet; I'm working up to it! ;)
    I love hearing the reasoning as to why some collections are in cotton, etc and others in other base cloths.
    I really have enjoyed the Drawing Room and Innocent Crush home dec, and the Velveteen. Although I love quilting, I seem to favor making totes, etc and those base cloths are ideal for those projects, so I am very excited for more of your designs in home dec or other sturdier base cloths! Thanks for that exciting peep into 2015!!!

  13. Thank you so much for the pattern! It's just the thing I needed for my Bunny! I made mine out of some Little Folks voile I was hoarding, and added pockets. :)

  14. Anna, I absolutely love your spirit, joy and peace.
    I haven't been on here in so very very long that I missed your entire pregnancy and current darling chubbiness of the darling Mary Anna but also, another very pivotal moment in your life. Your strength and love is one of the most encouraging things I have witnessed. I cannot imagine the day I will have to let go of my mother. I cannot say that I understand, but I want you to know that I lift you up. That my thoughts are on you and your family.
    I sat here this morning for TWO hours trying to catch up on your blog. And those were two hours worth every second.
    Thank you for your example of warmth and love for your family. You are lovely.
    In joy, Aminta

  15. It's been a while since I stopped by, I know Mary Anna just had a birthday, easy to remember, same as mine! She is beautiful! My grandson will be 1 soon as well, he and his young Mama are living with me now! Love it, but oh my! I'm much older now!

  16. I love reading your blog, enjoying seeing your little Mary Anna grow up. My little one is 15 months. I need to whip up a couple of these lovely pretty-piece-of-cake dresses while she'll wear em!

  17. I love reading your blog, enjoying seeing your little Mary Anna grow up. My little one is 15 months. I need to whip up a couple of these lovely pretty-piece-of-cake dresses while she'll wear em! bachelorette cakes

  18. I love this photo!!!!!!!!!!
    she is lovely