Friday, September 13, 2013

About that Quilt


When I designed this quilt I had tradition on my mind.  I also was set on making a quilt pattern that felt a little like a snowflake-y/fair isle-y/navaho-y piece.  You know.  But wanted it to feel modern at the same time.  After a whole bunch of tinkering, sewing, patching, drawing, mathing and swearing, I arrived a block design that I loved, and one that was not insane to expect of someone else.  The Flight Map Quilt.  And like much of designing patchwork proves to be, it was quite a bit of complication to arrive at simplicity.  Layering on to all of that, the pattern only uses one single block, but employs strategic color changes to arrive at the medallion style you see above.  8 solids + 12 watercolor like prints.  I would not label this as a beginner quilt, though I would say that it is largely composed of beginner to intermediate piecing skills.  And I REALLY believe it to appear way more complicated than it seems.  Really, really.  I also wanna show you some variations with different color layouts for some inspiration......

I made the above crib sized quilt from some of the the Hand Drawn Garden collection.  Each of the 6 blocks is exactly the same and the arrangement of them creates the fun little arrows of magenta and coral.  The arrangement also only allows the cream solid to complete a whole diamond in one place which is not exactly center which I think is pretty unique.  The Volumes print cut in a stripey manner gives the print-y prints a nice kick. 


Naturally it seemed the next thing to try was to not only make a version where every block is the same, but also one where the blocks are entirely symmetrical.  Oh how I love this version.  Really so very traditional in one way but a close inspection of the single block feels so quirky and fresh when you see the fabrics up close.  The floating cross elements and the more subdued flying geese rows feels so calming and lovely.  I just adore it.  This one is made from eight different Dowry prints (releasing in November!) and just one solid.  And no, I did not make all three myself!  The original was made together with my pal and stellar quilter, Brittney, the crib size all by me, and the latest above entirely by Brittney.  I cannot let you people think that a lady with a 3month old is doing this much patchwork.  It just wouldn't be right.  But anyway.  I wish I were.

Have a good weekend.  S'pose to be 78 at the very hottest tomorrow and I have already decided that will make it the best day of my life.


  1. Okay, I think its a tie between the Garden Party and the Dowry. I purchased the pattern so I could make the Garden Party version to go with Layla's new room (All Garden Party, of course). But I can now see what my new bed quilt will look like. You have a mass monopoly on the quilt designs in my home. I think you would be proud. :D

    PS The quilt zazzing was too much cuteness!! I can't imagine how you get even small things done with Miss Mary Anna Louisa around.

  2. I love the baby quilt & how it's asymmetrical! Perfection!!

  3. They are so beautiful!
    I wish I could get something done while being pregnant. If it's this hard now - I can't imagine when the bubby comes.
    You are amazing Anna!

  4. oh, anna! they are gorgeous! also, high of 74 here tomorrow. i can't wait!!!

  5. Just so lovely, I might have to make them all! Luckily I have a 5 week old granddaughter and of course she needs another baby quilt!

  6. Best wishes to you and your three-month old. These quilt designs are fabulous. I love the way that your eye manipulates rich colors in intriguing ways.

    I'm not a quilter, but am an artist who really loves color.

    Best wishes.

  7. Absolutely beautiful!

  8. I am absolutely going to make this one! I love the way the pattern stands out in the Dowry version, so I plan on using that construction in an orange/purple color way. So excited!

  9. What a stunning pattern! I'd love to make this quilt! The Dowry fabrics look like must haves too!

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