Monday, April 08, 2013

Little Blossoms

It's really happening.  Spring.  I am in awe at the feel of the air and the smell of newness on the landscape.  Jeff and I took a quick last minute trip to NYC on Thursday.  We each snuck in a work-ish meeting, and both snuck in as many moments with our Juliana as we could.  The weather in the city was gorgeous, and I had a great feeling of disappointment on Friday night after dinner when I realized I had just had my last New York meal before leaving very early Saturday morning.  Though getting home early meant we had a whole weekend with the rest of the brood which included getting a Spring hairdressing on the front porch by my two other girls and also catching a 4ft long snake in the garden who was escorted by the more boyish sort to a nearby creek well away from our property.   I guess Spring happens for snakes too, and they want to get out a bit more.  Eeesh.
While I should have glanced up at the big movie screen to see this shot of my Square Dance fabric appear in Oz the Great and Powerful, I must have been cramming popcorn or Mike & Ikes in my face.  Cuz I missed it.  Thanks to several of you who have emailed to let me know.  Among several little movie and TV moments that my fabric has enjoyed (Footloose remake (snort), Meet the Fockers (double snort), Judy Moody (yay!), Modern Family (double yay) and others) this has to be my proudest.  The color in this film is beyond beautiful, and I applaud their most perfect use of this little panel print.  I glow a little thinking back to sitting in front of the TV every year with my sister and our snacks waiting for the Wizard of Oz to begin.  Remember when you had to wait a whole year?  I miss that.

I hope things are blossoming where you are.

ps. just noticed after catching up w blog friends that I titled this post the same as Alicia's last, good company and a welcome phrase- little blossoms!!


  1. Your impressions, and the giddy *I know her!* moment I would enjoy seeing your print, are the two incentives that might actually get me to see the movie!
    Cheers to your hair stylists, Anna Maria. The Oz farm girl would be cuter still with some finishing touches from your girls!

  2. That's awesome about Oz!!! I really enjoyed that movie, but we saw it at a drive-in, and I was too busy trying not to have my 5-year-old dump her popcorn and soda on my blanket-laden lap to pay attention to the details. Oh well, I guess I just have to watch it again and cheer for your gorgeous fabric! :-)
    p.s. I love spring!! Those flowers in your hair are wonderful!!

  3. That must be an amazing feeling that you would never tire of. X

  4. I'm pretty sure if one of my fabric designs were in even one movie I'd wet my pants. Literally. Right there in the theater. Squee!


  5. Congrats on your fabric being used! It looks perfect on her. While I'm commenting, I'd love to ask you a question. I've seen where your new linens have been listed as "Home Decor". Are they really that heavy, or were they possibly listed that way because of the length? I've been wavering between using one of those and one of your velveteens for recovering an antique couch, but I've waited since I didn't know. Thanks, AM!

  6. What a cool way to have your fabric live on!
    I just watched The Wizard of Oz with my girls for the first time the other day. What a great experience.

  7. way cool. I haven't seen that movie yet, but i'll be on the lookout when I do. I hope all is well in Nashville.


  8. We have the movie on DVD but we still wait to watch it when my daughter comes home from college for Thanksgiving! Yes those were the good ole days for sure!! And lovin the flowers in your hair you have a terrific hairdresser!!

  9. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Could you send some spring my way, please? We're having a long winter here in England (though reading 'The Long Winter' to my littles is helping me count my blessings. Hey: we have heating, and light, and food, so it's not SO bad right?) and the ground looks so bare and brown. Just the odd daffodil and a few crocuses in more sheltered places. I'm longing to feel warm outside! ~Hannah

  10. Back in 1967 or so, we were the first family on our block to get a color TV (Dad was just back from Viet Nam and it was a treat for the whole family). I remember the whole block coming over to watch The Wizard of OZ- kids crammed together on our tummies like sardines in a can on blankets on the floor and adults in every available chair arrayed behind us. Then that majic moment when the screen exploded in glorious color! The whole room gasped as one and then fell silent. My kids don't understand how exciting it was to see color on TV or how we had to wait a whole year to see the movie.
    We have a spring blizzard resulting in a snow day today so our spring blossoms are confined to house plants for another month or so.

    1. Oh.... I love your account of color. Beautiful, thank you.

  11. I saw that apron in the movie and I said in my mind: "Wow, that's AMH right there in a movie!" You know you are a fabric fan when you can spot your favorite designer's prints anywhere!

  12. Wow, that is so awesome. I love how when you create and work, your work expands and grows into areas of life that you aren't even aware of till someone points it out to you! Like a vine... :)