Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sewing (and stitching) RED!

I am interrupting my quilt top sharing this week to paint the blog red!  I am so proud to be a part of a lovely book by Laura Zander called Sew Red.  It's the follow-up title to Knit Red, both of which remind us to take care of our hearts, and send a portion of their proceeds to help fund the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health in support of Heart Truth.  My project contribution is called "Target Practice" which offers a patchy-style belt that surrounds an embroidery pattern that I completed using red crewel wool a cream background.
In addition to my project there are loads of lovely garment, accessory, quilt and decor sewing projects by many of my friends in the industry.  Also of course a whole bunch of talented people I don't know!  Additionally each designer offers a little personal experience whether it be a heart healthy recipe or a way in which heart disease has touched their lives, as it has mine with the loss of my maternal grandmother years ago.  I think she would have loved my project.

It's an all around good book, put together by good people who are doing good.
Take care of your heart! xoxo, Anna

*Sew Red by Laura Zander, published by Sixth&Spring Books. Photo by Rose Callahan copyright © 2012 by Sixth&Spring Books/Soho Publishing. Used by permission


  1. What a great way to educate people about such an important cause. Your belt looks great!

  2. cindy7:49 PM

    Great looking book, great cause, and an awesome shop. Jimmy beans is a wonderful place in n. Nevada. :-). Love to see your work!!

  3. Love this so much. Absolutely beautiful!

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