Friday, July 13, 2012

the week (in an instant)


What a week. Pha. Yew.

It sorta started like a runonweek where I never had a weekend to ramp me into the beginning of it because I worked all through the weekend to get both studios and most of the house all tidied up.  I wish I would do this sorta thing more often than when I absolutely have to, but it's just generally not in my cards.  I was clearing space for the creativebug team to be here all week with me.  So it wasn't just the studio and the house, but also the tidying of myself and lots of new projects needed tending to.


Yes that was an announcement!  A very exciting announcement for me, and hopefully you too! is the newest (prettiest) online spot for craft, art, sewing, knitting and general all around creativity classes.  One reasonable monthly subscription fee opens the door of the most inspiring studios and designers around the country, and gives you your daily dose of how-to in a myriad of categories.  Or an every other daily dose, or once a week dose, or a whenever you want it dose, or repeated doses, or double dog doozy doses.  It's up to you.  The quality of the filming and the curated group of offerings is so lovely, and the work of many kind and talented people.  I am humbled and excited to share myself there.  They are just getting started, but go have a look, there is much more amazing stuff to come, I can't wait for you to see.  You can watch all the instructor trailers and class overviews without paying a dime to get a feel for the whole schpeel.  The first of my classes should be trickling out in a few weeks.  This is going to be fun.  And a perfect way to make stuff together even when we're both needed at home.


Here are the jokers, errh, super talented cameramen that followed me around all week.  Fernando and Danny are sporting my strip-pieced feathers as ties and making the moves on my dress from (which is wearing one of my workshop projects!)  They, together with Kelly Wilkinson, filled this house with so much fun and friendship that I was sad to see them go.  Several days turned into evenings on our front porch, or at the movies, or in the front yard blowing off fireworks and making Kelly prove to us how good she is at making gin and tonics.  She is definitely better at that than shooting off bottlerockets from her hands.  She didn't know you should let go when you hear the pppphhffft sound.  She's okay. I think we shared almost everything Tennessee has to offer.


This week long of work and fun was provided by the summer camp that the four middle kids were attending. I made a nice long drive to Hickman County to retrieve my sweets today and so enjoyed the peace and quiet of the ride there.  About an hour and a half.  Hills.  Green.  Thoughts.  Gentle rain on and off.  And on the way home, though the car was filled with four children who were tanner, sleepier and taller than last week, I had the same peace and quiet. But also had the added bonus of snoozing sounds, and an even slower drive behind this hay bale load in front of me, with the sweet smell of summer dampness winding ahead of us.

Just a few more notes:
*If you don't get my mailing list notes, I recently added an Instagram Friday giveaway for every Friday by 5pm CST in July where I pick a follower at random and leave a comment on your most recent photo to let you know you've won.  You then email me and tell me what your fav color is and we send you creative loot.  We'll do the same on Facebook next month.  We like this.  It's fun. I'm @annamariahorner
*I'll be speaking to the Lebanon Piecemakers Quilt Guild next Thursday evening July 19th and look forward to seeing some of my neighbors!  We'll have a pop-up shop too!
*I recently saw live music for the first time in 734 years.  The Crumbs.  So good. Have a listen.

good weekend pals, xoAM


  1. Wowsa, sounds amazing!! I can't wait to check it out!

  2. You are just a creative whirlwind, I swear! I love every new thing you get involved in. Thanks for keeping at it.

  3. Fun catching up with you... as usual!
    I love discovering new creative opportunities, especially when I know talented and dear people, like you, are involved. Happy Summering, Anna Maria!

  4. Creativebug certainly does look nice! I'll be interested to see what classes you offer.

    Also loving the sound of your time on the road. Long rides are golden when the mind is overworked.

  5. Annie C8:06 PM

    Hey, Creativebug sounds like total fun! As if I needed anything else to occupy my nonexistent time . . . why, yes, don't mind if I do! Can't wait to see your contribution!!!

  6. You always inspire me.... Love what you do and how you do it. Keep up the great work.

  7. I love your description of your car ride.

  8. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Wow! Such fun news! I am local (well, Nashville) and wondering if the Quilt Guild talk you'll be giving is open to anyone or only members of the guild. I'd love to come hear what you have to say and see the "pop-up shop" you mentioned!

  9. Aubrey, email and she will find out for you!

    Hope to see you there :) xoAM

  10. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Thanks, Anna Maria! Will do. :)

  11. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I've looked at the crochet link there. I don't understand why you need someone to tell you how to make a scarf when the pattern is in the book and that tells you already. As a beginning crocheter I made that scarf (Debbie Stoller's one skein scarf). People can do things. It's a great book. No one teaches us, we learn. Sometimes learning is facilitated by others but it is basically ourselves that do it. I don't like the idea that we need over-dependance on others to find out things. We don't. The information is out there but people often don't realise it. If you can read, then you can do anything. $25 a month is VERY expensive! I like people showing me things and inspiring me but I don't want to just copy, as that is limited, doesn't encourage the creativity that we are ALL capable of (to one degree or another) and can be overly prescriptive.

  12. Anon- Thanks for your thoughts, we all learn differently, come from a different set of experiences, some learn best from a book, some learn best from watching in real time. My thoughts on making these projects available are no different than my thoughts on making my projects available in my books, it's simply a different media than paper. I would agree that if you own a book that shares a project that you've mastered you would have little reason to learn from her video for the same project. I would think that video is intended for someone who doesn't already own her book, or prefers learning by watching.

    Or maybe it's like wanting to watch the movie version of a favorite book even though I know what happens in the end. It's optional, of course.

    The choice is yours, and you do with your time, money and projects what you wish. The reference to 25$ a month being reasonable would be in comparison to other video sites where a single class can cost up to 50$ or more.

    I am a firm believer in personal capability, as I am almost entirely self-taught on everything that I know how to do. Making skills/projects available for those who are looking for them is a privilege. Making them available in various medias for various types of learners is great fun. To me it sort of fills in the gap for those who would like to travel to workshops but cannot afford the time or expense.

    Any way you look at it, I appreciate your thoughts, free country and all. :)

    best, AM

  13. Ahh, I love a good drive too. And it's nice to see cameramen in something other than black, lol!

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