Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Postcards:: day five

I got out a little yesterday morning to poke around and see what this town looks like a bit before I started my class at Sew Modern. Okay, I just walked to Starbucks and back. But I have already decided that my favorite thing about Beverly Hills is the foliage that takes over (in a very specifically manicured way) all the old apartments and beautifully nestled together stucco houses everywhere. So pretty.
My hotel, the Maison140, served as an actor's hostile in the early 20th century I'm told. It is extremely quaint. Every surface in my little room is some shade of warm red, white or marble black. When you walk into the lobby at night, shown above, there is always some old black and white film being projected on one of the walls. I should try to get a grab of that tonight....
And this is the lovely group of women I got to spend my day with yesterday making the Multi-Tasker Tote- otherwise known as Sara, Amy, Jennifer, Julie, Jennifer, (me), Shay, Liberty, Morgan, Lorrie and Nancy. They let me chat away about whatever I wanted to (I think I'm losing my voice) and they just kept sewing and pretending to be interested. I have this funny habit of begging to seam rip for anyone that needs it while they do something else for the pattern so they don't miss a beat with a little mistake. Its my little way of remaining motherly while surrounded by grown-ups.

I spent last night with the LA Modern Quilt Guild. What a group. Wow. Talk about a room full of kindred spirits. I hope to have at least a few shots up here soon. I'll admit that when Jeff headed back home on Monday I sort of didn't know what to do with myself despite my full schedule this week. But yesterday reminded me why I love my work so much. Getting the opportunity to be re-sparked like this -in person- meeting others that appreciate and love so many of the same things, their eyes lighting up when you speak about color or form, even though you feel yourself trailing off into your own subconscious ideas about making- there they are- smiling, nodding, and making me feel at home. Thank you to the Guild for my wonderful evening.

Now to my day of no plans in Beverly Hills. Hmm. Well I do have work to do and we'll see what else. Wish you were here. xo, AM


  1. Anna- yesterday was such fun. I have a hilarious follow-up story that I'll email you later.

    Best in your travels.


  2. Anna, you were so fun to hang out with! I'm so glad I took your class. Your talk at the meeting was amazing! You are such an inspiration. oxox, Jennifer ;)

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Greatly enjoyed your talk at the quilt guild -- if you're really pressed for ideas, sing out -- LA has a lot to offer but it's helpful to have a native guide to make suggestions. I'd be happy to suggest a few fun things. -- Sarvi, who cannot seem to correctly type in a captcha to save her life

  4. Thank you so much for visiting our quilt guild. It was really enjoyable! Loved all the quilts you brought to show. Very inspirational!

  5. Lucky women, all of you.
    What fun!

  6. Sounds like a blast, Anna! Would love to visit Beverly Hills one day. Oh, and sewing there with a ton of great seamstresses would just be icing on the cake.
    Oh, you should catch one of their old movies one night! Those are the best... so much fun.
    xo Achaia

  7. Annie C6:59 PM

    Did you cruise Rodeo Drive?

  8. lorrie7:22 PM

    Thanks for acting motherly to me and ripping out lots of my stitches!! I am pretty certain I made the most mistakes in the group. ;) Maybe this means I learned the most?? ha! I am ready to finish my bag this weekend and will send you a picture of it in its glory.

    Thanks for a fun and fabulous class.

  9. I had such a wonderful time yesterday at your class. I so look forward to finishing my bag this weekend and then carrying it around endlessly! It was so nice to be able to meet you after admiring you for so many years. CAN'T WAIT for your next fabric collection. There are several with my name all over them. : )

  10. I carried my new yellow multi-tasker around all day and basked in the glow of yesterday. It was amazing and we loved hosting you as a guild last night!!! It was absolutely perfect. We all were so inspired and I'm glad to know you not only felt it, but caught some of it too!
    Thanks for making the day so special.

  11. Thank you for visiting us at the guild last evening. Yeah, maybe you did trail off, but it was insight to an artist's mind, which is exactly what we all wanted to hear. Besides, and I think I can speak for everyone who was there, we were seduced by your charm so you could do no wrong. Looking forward to meeting you again someday!

  12. Lovely talk with you! I really enjoyed listening to your stories and learning about your process. And I'm really looking forward to your needlework projects coming out. I'm really inspired to add embroidery to everything now. By the by. There was a story yesterday online about photoshopping the victoria secret catalog.I giggled when I remembered your story. Enjoy your time in LA.

  13. Surely you would love to do a class in Adelaide, South Austalia, you have lots of fans here.......

  14. Thanks for visiting us, Anna. It was lovely to spent time with you. Your chat was so inspiring. Looking forward to see all the new needle work goodies! Come back soon!