Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue Mama


How did he know???!!!

Okay, despite my blog-begging which would leave no shadow of doubt as to what I might like for Mother's Day, I still can't fake how it actually went down. Real story:

Anna posts obnoxious blog. 10 minutes later, Jeff calls.
Anna: (answers with no assumption in her voice, even though she sees his number on the caller ID): "hullo"
Jeff: "Just get it"
Anna: "Hmm? What?"
Jeff: "the art, buy it, I like it"
Anna: "No, you buy it, that's your job"
Jeff: Pause. Pause. "Anna. Just buy it."
Anna: (defeated) "Okaaahhhyyy."

Which I promptly did. And I was glad about the prompt part, 'cause it was sold out a day or two later. Exactly what I wanted. Maybe not exactly how I wanted it, but I'll take what I can get. I did wait to open it. And my favorite up close detail? That precious little babe's finger (and toe) pointing the way. Love.


Though some contraction action warranted an early check at the OB on Thursday, Friday I was where I said I would be. So glad to have had the chance to see Natalie and have some lovely conversation, book-trading, and sharing. I also left with this too cool stitch-t-shirt-kit which I will be transforming into a layette (the potato sac sort) for the little bub. Anything blue currently is doing the trick.


And I took a picture of my blue breakfast too. These are the kind of antics I get myself into while I twiddle my thumbs. Soon enough though. Having had several babies early makes those who might come on time seem late somehow. My fortune cookie last night said something about patience is joy blah blah blah. Okay.

Hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day!
(I need to make a pedicure appointment to get my toes painted blue now.)



  1. Haha! Love the everything blue right now! I had 4 girls before my baby boy came to our family! I feel the same! And the painting is wonderful.. even if you bought it yourself! :)

  2. don't you just love natalie's work. she can do so much with just simple t-shirts. i have made headbands and bandanas from that book so far and i have skirt waiting for summer to start!

  3. Your breakfast looks yummy! and I imagine that there will be a run on blue pedicures this week! Take care and good luck, I keep nervously checking your blog for baby updates!! Love, Libby

  4. The art is precious and the breakfast looks delish.

  5. Anticipation!
    I am enjoying all these updates... don't leave us hanging when *IT* finally happens!

  6. I LOVE the painting, I'm so glad you got it. It reminds me of Montessori... I also would love a bowl of your blue breakfast right now. MMMMmmmmmm!

  7. Nice job scoring the Kershisnik:) The broad hint is really the only way to go. And then, "Oh, you read my blog? I had no idea!" In the olden days, blue toenails would have given you something interested to focus on when your feet were up in stirrups. Fortunately the stirrup days are pretty much gone. So enjoy your antioxidants and your blue mama, and dream of blue-eyed babes...

  8. I just kept singing, "I'm blue, la da dee da..."

    Awesome present!

  9. oh so true. my first three were early so when my fourth was getting oh so close to the due date I felt like he was so late, by 4 days late my o.b. induced me. I could of waited but was so sure I would have him in the car on the way since my first three were quick and the third was an hour and a half from the first contraction. plus my friend had just had her fourth in the car on the way to the hospital. A stunt which got her picture and story in the local paper. Baby will be here soon, i'm sure, just a little more patience on your part. so sweet of your hubby too.

  10. Oh yes, a pedicure, foot and ankle rub just what you need as the final step to get ready for himself to arrive!

  11. Anonymous8:56 PM

    The painting is so uplifting and I love the baby pointing, very lovely!:)

  12. Jeff needs to talk to my husband... I showed him the necklace I wanted, had his brother email the link and I got a half hearted "Happy Mother's Day" at 7:30 pm.

    Don't be so blue... Or at least get blue nail polish.

  13. that is how most gifts go in our house.
    he doesn't want to mess up so he says "you are free to buy what you want" but it makes it a bummer when everyone else receives a gift. but we still make it work anyway.
    best wishes for a lovely memorable beautiful delivery.
    i would love to go through it all again.
    it is the best day ever.

  14. I was wondering about you... my last was 17 days late (yes, you read that right). Early babies are a MUCH better present than late one, though...

  15. it's so true! my first 3 kids were early and the last 2 on time--i mean right on time, their due date! but it felt like a million days late when you're expecting them EARLY!

    all my best to you!

  16. gah! i'm getting so excited for you! seems like you're doing a wonderful job staying busy and surrounding yourself with beauty and joy during these last few days.
    this is such a personal question, so don't answer unless you feel like sharing... think this is going to be your last pregnancy? i was always a little sad knowing that i would only be in that very special place for a few more days, and i think i'll probably be more than a little sad when i'm close to giving birth one last time.

    anyways, if we don't hear from you again, i'd like to wish you a wonderful labor and birth and a joyous peaceful babymoon!
    sending much love and strong birthing mama vibes from germany.
    xxx karo

  17. Here's another Mummy who has to "mention" what I would like, LOL, I don't mind though.

    My son was 16 days late en my daugther 12 days, no fun I can tell you. Now, go on, have that baby!

    Kind greetings from The Netherlands,

  18. Sarah Anne6:45 AM

    Quick question - have you changed the layout of blog, or is it my laptop? :S

    I'm however not a mother but a university student - but the baby posts are getting me all broody! Can't wait to have my own!

  19. I can relate to your comment about on-time babies seem late after a couple of early ones! Best wishes to you....I wish you a boring and uneventful delivery- aka NO DRAMA! but lots of joy.

  20. Ha! I had two or three pedicures leading up to my third baby's arrival...all the color blue. Something nice to herald in the little boy.

    Can you tell us where to get the t-shirt kit? I have a pile of shirts I just sorted through and was looking for creative re-use ideas. Thanks! And blessings for the weeks to come...

  21. Best wishes to you for a safe, healthy and soon delivery! Having had two babies in the last three years and expecting my third this year I can definitely remember feeling how you're feeling right now!

  22. I laughed out loud when I read the replay of your conversation with your husband. Very familar. Thanks for sharing the story.

  23. Love your painting. Gotta get it yourself if you really want it. Now that you pointed out the fingers and toes all I can think of is Michelangelo's Cistine Chapel with God's finger reaching out. I think your little is destined to become a great artist.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  24. That makes me feel better! We spent a week of him saying "Just go pick out something you want for Mother's Day" which left me saying that was a bit joy sucking of him to leave it up to me to which he replied something about but I just want you to get what you want so that way you will. Then I was out one day and found new cushions for all the outdoor furniture and it was more than I wanted to spend but I figured I would be getting something I wanted! Everyone was happy. It is a really special painting so ,even if you had to get it yourself, it is perfect. I guess you take that good of care of everyone as you do then they just figure you can take care of it all! I had early babies too- I hope this little one comes quick. I am so jealous of those first few days you will get to spend snuggling and smelling and rubbing your cheek on that silky hair. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

  25. LOL Pedicures are fun! I had one last week while waiting for our first bundle of joy! Of course, he was due on May 9th, and it's now 3 days later - no contractions least you don't have to wait over the normal 9 months! ^___^

    The hubby and I, plus our families are getting anxious! <3

  26. I love the pointing finger too.

    My husband has settled into the routine of getting me a gift card for the fabric store for every gift-giving occasion. It's a little predictable, seeing him disappear the evening beforehand for 20 mins etc. but still, the alternative is being bought things like a sweatshirt from the place he where works. It was our anniversary, it was a tightly elasticated hoodie and I was a breastfeeding mum needing easy access clothes, but this is a lad that forgot Christmas one year...

  27. A,

    The pointing finger is the sweetest part. I love it! So glad you got just what your heart desired.

    that breakfast looks so delicious that I may have to run out & buy some frozen blueberries today.

    Wishing you well with your new little man on the way.

  28. I love your blogs and your bags.
    It`s very beautiful.
    I love the colours.
    Good bye.

  29. Wendi2:08 PM

    I'm convinced that pedicures have the power to incuce labor. I've had a pedicure within a day of the onset of labor more than once. It got to be a joke last time. "Honey, I need to go have a pedicure so the baby can come. She's just waiting for me to have pretty toenails, since it's the first thing she'll see!"

  30. Anonymous3:45 PM

    DEAR ANNA, you know what I really like about you ? You are your own person and you are NOT in competition with any other blogger or artist out there..Im so fed up with competition with other people , it is no longer funny..I am so glad you are not like that !!! Keep being your own self and no one else :)

  31. If it makes you feel any better, I got my new blue Mother's Day shoes in the exact same way...".Just order them, Cas!" I did not open the package when it came. And I will say that he wrapped them for me. My girls think he picked these super cool shoes out all by himself. Is that wrong?

  32. ha! A couple of days before my first was born my fortune cookie read: "Your labors will bear sweet rewards." Of course that remains in her baby book 23 years later!

    Love, love, love blue toe nail polish. The nurse will squeal with delight when she sees it.

  33. ah, the waiting game...nate and I always wonder whey when the due date rolls around the baby feels LATE. :) can't wait till your sweet one arrives...hang in there and much love from northern cali. :) wish I could bring you dinner once the baby arrives. alas, all those miles between us.

    I'm happy you got your painting. no matter how it had to happen. you have a smart hubby. ;)

  34. I absolutely LOVE the painting!! Way to go and happy belated mothers day!!

  35. THAT must be why I got no gift from husband on mothers day..I was supposed to buy it myself!

  36. I just really like you Anna, there's something about you. I browsed through your last few posts, it was refreshing. I like that you're real, you're not too showy. Oh and did I mention that I love love love your style? Yes, you're special, and I think lots of people see it

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  38. Whoo, lady, you're telling me! I've had three early--I think if one came on time, I'd be more annoyed than worried! Glad your little bundle is finally here where you can dress him in lots of blue and snuggle all day long.

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