Thursday, April 30, 2009

Other people's babies

(Just to prove that I can talk about more than the yet to arrive baby boy, here are babies, gathered from various sources, that have indeed arrived and do not belong to me - but they are all wearing my fabrics - so I'm willing to discuss....ahem.)


The kind folks at Ottobre were nice enough to share their latest Summer issue with me which includes some of the most adorable uses of Good Folks I've seen yet! (Though there is much Good Folks cuteness to be gandered here too!)

If you've never received an issue of Ottobre, do yourself a favor and subscribe! The seasonal magazine is loaded with nothing but irresistable European sewing designs with the patterns and instructions included. (They even named that tunic up there after me !) I do think that the patterns are intended for the intermediate sewer, as the instructions are very general, but the patterns are all provided within the magazine. Well worth it if you ask me, which you didn't, but you are reading this so its sorta like you asked.


Leila & Grey is a new line of young girls' clothing, based out of Atlanta, and they are producing some seriously smart little items. Lovely clothing, reasonably priced, and their presentation is enchanting.

I was recently alerted that this pic ran a full page in People magazine. Well. Always glad to see a mom with good taste.

Hope everyone is having a good week! xoox, Anna Maria

(ps, I've added some info to the post below regarding curtains & paint colors...)


  1. When I got my summer issue of Ottobre I was so excited to see that they used your fabrics! I love how they named a tunic after you! It really is a great magazine! You can subscribe at

  2. Wow, looks like you have officially hit the big time! A pattern named after you and celebrity sightings. All well deserved!

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    How exciting! I bet you are proud!

  4. I think I would pass out if I knew a celebrity (or their baby) had something I made! : ) Congrats.

  5. I want that magazine!!!!! and I agree, very cute use of your fabrics.

    my sewing list is getting longer and longer. . .too bad I don't have more free time. . .


  6. makes me want a daughter asap!

  7. That's some well-deserved publicity!! Congrats : ) Getting ready to do a handbag out of Good Folks...can't wait!

  8. Wow!
    Just recieved your fabric today!! So excited, now have to decide what to do with it all!
    I feel even more special knowing how popular your fabric is ;)

  9. WOWWWW! That is beyond cool! Congrats, AM!!!!!! Makes me want to whip up some matching bows for the beautiful, bareheaded girlies pictured above.


  10. Beautiful fabrics and such sweet little girls!

  11. I've seen many fun cute clothes made with your fabric. That last picture: we talk seriously chic, madame! Bravo!

  12. How fun and exciting it must be to be You my dear! ~Smiles~Tam!

  13. Anonymous11:09 PM

    wow!! your fabrics are amazing!! You must be soooo proud!

  14. I've been subscriber of Ottobre-magazine for years (my brother used to work there) and I was very happy to see your fabrics in the newest edition. Unfortunately they don't have their shop here in Oulu (Finland) anymore, I bet they would have your fabrics there.

    And I'm very VERY happy that you brought up the important subject of making beds to be discussed! And you're definitely NOT alone! :o) And talking about babies is always ok.

  15. Wow, I think I have to buy that nr..

  16. Oh, that's amazing!!!!
    I am so happy your collections are having such a huge success!!! I saw the Ottobre fabrics! While reading the magazine I kept thinking "hopefully I have a big stash of Anna's fabrics to match this, lol..."

  17. Hey, the fabrics look amazing!!!!!!! I think it would work wonders not just for the kids but for the adults too. In case you make some for the adukts, then please do share the patterns and the sewing instructions please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous7:20 AM


    I am (please don't gasp) a total non-sewing person.

    But reading your blog is so enjoyable because i just drink in the colors and the patterns and's just a fresh breath of air every day that you post.

    d. from GA

  19. Sometimes sister, do you just pinch yourself only as a reminder that your work is tru-dat.

    I mean seriously, Halle Berry.

    I'll say it again...
    Halle Berry's bebe.

    Rock on, cute pregnant mama to almost 6...rock on!

    .mac :)

    p.s. I don't think I would worry about making my bed. It seems to be working for you.

  20. I am now thoroughly out in left field compared to what I thought I was going to do when sat down at the computer (I hope that sounds familiar to somebody), but I'm still happy. That's because you directed me to Ottobre! I had never heard of it, but I snuck a peek at the website and the designs are indeed fresh and inspiring! Thanks for the diversion!
    PS. My bed only gets made when it's time to fold laundry. Really.

  21. Hello Anna!

    We LOVE your fabrics (have I said that before?)!! We just posted more lovely pictures of a sweet little girl in your fabrics: I think this is one of my favorite skirts ever!

    lots of love,

  22. Oh, how great is all of this love? A baby boy to welcome and such lovely clothing from your fabric!

  23. How very cool that Halle's DDs dress was drawing room fabric. I saw that Ottobre issue - it's chalk full of great american fabric designers! Very cool - congrats :)

  24. I LOVE my subscription, and while I usually find a couple of patterns to make for the kids, this issue was just FULL of great I know why I loved so many things! They just look great with your fabric!

  25. Nice score on the celeb sighting! You rock! Your blog is always such a beautiful place...

  26. I have Drawing Room Volumes (is that the print's name?) on my ironing surface....but that isn't as cute as Halle's DD's Dress...
    My wife just made jean skirts for herself and my daughter with Drawing Room (and/or Garden Party, I can't remember which) ruffles...I will have to get those posted and send you the link!

  27. i try not to be too star struck, but i have to say it is very cool to see a celebrity baby wearing your dress (do you know the provenance of that dress?) when i was actively needlefelting children's sweaters, everyone said i should send to Angelina Jolie but I never did...

    by the way, i love your blog and your work- i don't think i've ever commented, but i've been reading for a year+.

    good luck with your upcoming arrival- i really don't know how you do it (and i know you hear that a ton) but i have 3 kids and i don't come close to accomplishing what you do!

  28. Love Ottobre, Love that they used your fabric. Can't wait to make that fifties skirt. Did you know a few of the old Ottobre Woman mags have really cute maternity patterns? I am prego with #5 and gotta get sewing....showing so much earlier!
    Thanks for inspiring me from afar!

  29. Precious babies everywhere!

  30. Hi, Anna Maria,

    So glad to see you online!

    My company, babyNV Co. ( made the dress for Nahla Aubry and has been producing baby and toddler clothes for going on three years. We introduced your fabrics with our most recent catalog. This season we have fabrics from drawing room and garden party (check them out!). I love the designs and colors. Please keep me abreast of new things in the works, and keep up the beautiful work!


  31. Because I quilt and don't really like to sew clothes I never think of other uses, but these look amazing as clothes! Amazing work by designer and seamstresses.

  32. Oh! Lovely! Congratulations on the publicity/exposure :-)

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