Saturday, March 28, 2009

Signed, sealed, delivered, they're yours!


I can't say enough to thank you for all your kind thoughts and comments in response to my last post which I did not begin with the intent of pouring out quite so much. It just came as I wrote, and I left it there. Someone said something about how good that overly emotional time of pregnancy can be for you, like catharsis, and I agree, wholeheartedly. I'm not too much of a dweller, but often feel that there are times and thoughts that deserve to be noted by saying or writing outloud, good or bad, it helps me move on....uh so moving on.

The patterns! Land sakes, we've been shipping and shipping and shipping to lots of shops around the globe, and happy to say (if you're not already in the know) that the goods are in our shop now too. I really, really hope everyone enjoys these patterns, they were a lot of work to put together, but can say I'm pleased as punch. I've already begun a flickr group for them, so join in the fun should you choose, and please share how its sewing! You can report any booboos to me there too, and I'll send out band-aids asap. We've had such a great response that its already time to send in the 2nd print run, so we can fix any typos on the next round.

And to answer a few inquiries regarding the chair/pillow/blanket/yarn from my last post:

Armchair: a $5 dollar find a garage sale that we promptly snatched up and had covered with this fabric, with piping and back buttons in this fabric, which is the same as the curtain panels. We have 2 of these chairs actually (an entire 10$ worth), and love them.

Crochet Pillow: I highly recommend this book, as it is like an encycolpedia of endless crochet techniques, and shapes and forms. The pillow was a self guided thingermaggigin that combines several things that I learned form that book.

Ripple Blanket: clearly not a new thing, as there have been so many gorgeous ones shared over the past few years on several blogs and groups. Again, I taught myself to do this stitch from that fab-y book, although I amended a stitch that looked more zigzag-like to have softer turns. Essentially this amounted to combining and decreasing dc instead of skipping them....

Yarn: Most everything you need to know about these glorious cottons, you can get from this post.

Okay kids, coffee, laundry, cleaning, yardwork, recycling and ignoring all those things (save coffee) is calling me ~ enjoy your weekend! xoxo, Anna


  1. Wendy Richesin-Dodd12:15 PM

    I have been lurking for a few months. But, after reading the post about Juliana, I have to speak up. I hope you remember me, Wendy Richesin. We worked together at The Silver Spoon. I went to your Senior Art Show, which also seemed to be about beginnings. I can remember Juliana playing at your feet when you owed The Handmaiden. I am in awe of you and all that you have accomplished. I now live in Chapel Hill, NC with my husband and two little girls (Ava 5.5 and Harper 2.5). I enjoy your blog/art so much.
    Much Love,

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Hello Anna! Love your blog, fabrics and book! Can you tell us briefly how you made the curtains? e.g., are they regular quilting-clothing-type fabric weight? or upholstery weight? Did you line them? what does the top look like (tabs or curtain rings, or otherwise?)
    I would love to make curtains out of one of your fabrics, but not sure how to proceed!!! THANKS! AND BEST TO YOU IN ALL YOUR BEGINNINGS!!!!
    Lisa in Taos, NM

  3. Thank you so much for all the info!!

  4. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I await in overwhelming anticipation for the multi-tasker tote kit! Can't wait to have a beautiful, handmade summer bag that is super functional, and gorgeous! YAY!

  5. recovered the chair yourself? was that hard? i have always wondered.

  6. Enjoyed youe post today-hope you are having a wonderful weekend~Smiles~Tam!

  7. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Oh joy! Cant wait to do the bag. And the dress. Oh,and the skirt!Love your fabrics. Rosa Miller

  8. I love your blog -- the ideas, your honesty, and your thoughts. Thanks so much for sharing these priceless things with us!

  9. Well you answered my question on the armchair. As I read your blog I also admired that armchair and have fell in love with it...Unbelievable what a steal, but as everyone knows one mans junk is another mans treasure. If they see it now they would cry, I would. Have a great weekend.

  10. Teresa5:44 PM

    Hello Anna Maria! I can't wait to sew the bag and the gorgeous dress for my Maria. I love your blog and felt so compelled to comment after your post from the other day. I have ten years between my two girls (actually I thought I'd have about 4 or 5 children by now but God had other plans!) My girls are 14 and 4. After ten years, I was slightly terrified at "starting over" as many people kindly tried to point out...but it has been an amazing blessing. Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts and your amazing and lovely inspiration. Bless you.

  11. SO excited! I ordered the multitasker as soon as I saw the new blog post. My husband and I have a "no buying things right now" rule because we are buying a house. When I agreed to the rule, the Anna Maria Horner multitasker tote was contracted in!!

  12. I'm looking to order the pattern for the Multi Tasker Tote...I love that bag!
    I hafta wait til my PayPal transfer is complete and I will be sending that order off to you. I can't wait! It'll be like waiting for Christmas morning all over again!

  13. Anna,
    Your work is joyful, your book amazing, and your fabric delightful! I became giddy when my "Good Folks" fat quarter collection arrived in the mail!

    I began a ripple afghan for my husband when we were dating... We've been married for 10 years and he still asks me when I'm going to finish it!

  14. I can't wait to play with the new patterns. Everything you touch turns out so lovely.

  15. Can't wait to try them out! Love your blog :)

  16. Jade Cole8:24 AM

    Hey Anna I've been a long time lurker and I'm in absolute LOVE of your fabrics, your home, and your gentle nature. I would love to know about how much it cost to re-do a chair such as yours? Me and my hubby are in the market for two new chairs and can't find ANYTHING we like in the stores but we both LOVE your chairs. I'm trying to see if we are in budget to do something like you did. I figure the fabric is what is going to set us back the most. Ok I'm rambling. Love your blog, love your work

  17. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Thanks for all the links! I had all the same questions about that cozy corner. Congratulations on your pattern success!

  18. Can't wait to get my hands on that tote bag pattern! Sure have been enjoying your book - especially the little shirt pattern -

  19. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Hi Anna Maria
    Love your blog & love the new patterns. I can't find where it says what sizes the clothing patterns are for. I'm probably missing it somewhere, but could you enlighten me! Aloha!

  20. Thanks for taking time to answer all of the questions that were buzzing through my head when I looked at your beautiful photos. That chair is wonderful. What a steal!

  21. I am bouncing up and down, just waiting for the multi tasker kit (oh in the oil cloth pluuuessse!)

  22. talk about coming full circle!!
    wow~ you must be so proud to be where you are. I just read your post below... LOVE the yarn in the bowl...
    thank you for sharing,
    and GOOD FOR YOU!
    SO glad i found your blog, nice to meet you Anna


  24. Hello Anna,
    I bought your book and I find it full of beautiful ideas realized really well, sinned that I don't understand all the suggestions that from the on the sewing since I speak few the English.
    Hi from the south of the Italia

  25. Hey Anna,
    I figured out how to post on Blogger FINALLY....what a mind block that was! I love how your furniture is upohlstered with your fabric! I am sad I won't be able to sit on one of your (becoming) famous pieces of furniture! And $5 what a bargain!

  26. Hey Anna. (I feel like we are bff's - I stalk all of your things - blog, book, fabric, patterns, kids, everything!)

    Anyways, I saw this somewhere and didn't know if you knew about it.. so passing it on. I am so sorry I don't know who posted the link to this.... You fabric on a famous person's child. How cool!

    Oh and ordered one of your patterns. Can't wait to get it in! I know it will be awesome.

  27. Wow, good find! thanks for sending !

    :) Anna

  28. I'm so excited the patterns are out. I've been holding my breath for their arrival.

  29. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Anna I love your blog! I just came across it and fell in love. Love your stuff! (p.s.---my mother is a Horner, I wonder if we are related!)

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