Friday, March 13, 2009

The past few & the next few

I've had some really lovely days here, despite how the week started. (Thanks for all your well-wishes, the foot and I are currently without further incident.) So many early mornings here start just like above. I try to get on the computer and plot out my day before most of the little people are awake. This one eventually stumbles in and transitions from asleep to awake just like that. One of the new studio features is the extremely cozy armchair+blanket+pillows situated in front of the drawing table. I think here is where I would typically say new pictures of the studio coming soon, but I'll skip saying that and then maybe they'll just happen on their own. But, seriously, soon.


I got the best phone call ever on Monday while I was in said waiting room. A call from my mom to see if I wanted some company for a few days. I think I said DUH. And then life just got great. (and it was going along fine before.) Someone to crochet and knit with, lunch with, shop with, pontificate on the size/shape of my belly without boredom with, and so on. There are so many someones here that are willing to do some of those things some of the time. But not someone who will do nothing but that with me all the time. Joy. And perhaps the best part of it all is how much I slow down and put work aside a bit when she visits. Thanks Mom.

Bela also got her first knitting lesson.


And has had several proud moments since. I love those teeth.


As for the next few days, the mom-withdrawal period, I have some sit-still plans of my own. My favorite local fabric shop is also now my favorite local yarn shop. Mom and I promptly went for a visit upon hearing this wonderful news and came up with an excuse to purchase a few piles of cotton. Aren't they so pretty?

As for my not so sit still plans, all the kids are home for Spring Break, I have a book signing tomorrow here (from 10-12 ~ come see me if you're around!), having tons more kids over for dinner and playtime on Sunday night, and more laundry and cleaning than I care to talk about.

N'case ya wanted to know. Enjoy your weekend! xoxo, Anna Maria


  1. Oooo lovely stuff. When you post pictures of lovely fabric or textile related goodies my heart starts to race haha! I love new skeins of yarn or piles of fabric I almost can't start them as they look so nice just 'being'.

  2. Well I'm totally bummed that I don't live in Nashville anymore. Wanna come to NC and sign some books? Enjoy Spring Break!

  3. Cute post.
    What was the original use of the ceramic doll that holds pens on the first picture?

  4. How special is the visit of our mother to our home!! :)


  5. There is so much about this post that I LOVE. #1: the transition time between sleep and awake for children. This is my all time favorite period of the day with my daughter! #2: Your Mom. She's gorgeous, she's got style, and she's teaching her grandaughter how to knit! #3 Your daughter learning to knit #4 Those skeins of cotton! Okay, I could go on and on, but needless to say, I feel full of inspiration and love just looking at your pictures!

  6. Truly precious moments!

  7. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I love that Greek yarn! I knit the shawl in the link below out of the white yarn, since that is what the pattern called for. Must get more of it now - thanks for the temptation, I mean, reminder of my obvious need for it!

    I've tried learning Greek from books and tapes at home as well (Greece is the only place I haven't yet been that I really want to see, and the NT is written in Koine Greek) - so I saved the yarn bands just for inspiration too. Yet another reason to buy more yarn!

    You have a great weekend too, with very few scowls at yer knittin'! (I make Bela's face at my own knitting sometimes too - just to keep it in line.)

  8. My mama came for a visit last month and it was heaven. I also love that I HAVE to slow down when she is here.
    I love the fierce concentration on Bella's face. So determined.

  9. Anonymous3:32 PM

    How wonderful to have such a relationship with your mom, and to be so devoted to building a similar one with your daughter. It's beautiful to see the multigenerational effect show up in things as simple as, say, those photos.

  10. How precious.

    I don't have a Mum any more and I miss that joy you speak of....and I don't know my grandchildren so it is wonderful to see your Mum passing on her skill.

    How very precious.

  11. I love your posts! I have been eagerly awaiting the quilt pattern you talked about a little while ago. Any chance it will surface soon? :)

  12. Hi Anna Maria--

    I went to your mom's blog (I check in there frequently) and found out she was with you...then I popped on over here to see your mom doing what she does best...knitting and loving on her grands. :o) Enjoy your visit with your sweet Mom. That picture of your mother knitting with your daughter should be framed. It is priceless and melted my heart.

    I noticed your mom posted a picture a few weeks back of a baby blanket she is working on. This blanket was a "certain color" (if you kwim!), and I got SO excited!!!! Can't wait to see pics of a new baby wrapped in this "certain color" blankie. Not sure if your bloggers know, but I just need you to know how very happy I am for you!



  13. "Butterfly, the immortal yarn".Your secret is out with us. All we lack is the talent, lol!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  14. Awe... I love the photo of your daughter sleeping in the chair. I never have time in the morning for moments like that. Very sweet!

  15. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I think I speak for most of us when I say that we, too, never get tired of hearing about your belly (and wouldn't mind seeing a picture or two!). I'm just saying...

  16. I no longer have my mom with me and how I miss those times, also my granddaughter is so far away but I do get to see her at least twice a week on our webcam so I thank those wonderful people for that invention. Have a great weekend.

  17. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Sounds simply wonderful! You are truly blessed to have such a special relationship with your mom...just beautiful!

  18. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I love this post- so warm and cozy!
    my kids are not little any more- 3 at home and 2 away a college- I realized how fast it all flew by- those baby and toddler years.
    Enjoy it all!

  19. Sounds so fantastic!!

  20. I read the best quote the other day which goes well with this post I think. It said:

    "When love is gone, there's always justice.
    And when justice is gone, there's always force.
    And when force is gone, there's always Mom.
    Hi, Mom!"
    - Laurie Anderson

    Love your blog. Have a beautiful week!


  21. There is just something about your pictures that bring me to my happy place. LOL! I love seeing Bella (that is my oldest daughter's nickname) being so excited to be learning to knit.

  22. Anonymous7:56 AM

    That top photo is just so beautiful!

  23. Anonymous4:36 AM

    I used to wake up like that and go in to be with my mum as she got ready for the day. Precious times.

    Cherry x

  24. I sure wish I could drop by for the book signing... Hope you have a lovely spring break all together! I love seeing children learning to knit!

  25. Moms are just what we need to slow down a bit. Sounds like you had a fun time with her. Glad to hear your foot is healing. No more barefootness over there! Got it????

  26. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Your story just about made me cry. I hope you find the dress. I also must say...Wow, your mom is gorgeous!

  27. The picture of your daughter and mother is just beautiful. What a wonderful keepsake. I always enjoy your blog.

  28. that first's gorgeous.
    the colors and the sleeping and the fabrics.

  29. Anonymous5:55 AM

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  30. Oh I remember learning when I was younger. Hopefully my six year old likes sewing also. She is a great at stitching in the ditch but gets bored after awhile. It is better the nothing!!! Love reading your blog!

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