Friday, September 12, 2008

Meds, Movies, Mumbling & 'Moothies

This very, very busy week has ended this morning with the extraction of four teeth that, in the opinion of my good doctor, were not doing me a lick (or a bite) of good. And all I got was this lousy t-shirt. The nurse showed it to me right after the medication was slipping me into a silly state so I have more of an affection and a giggle for my party favor than I may have otherwise. I have loads to tell/show you people, but one pic of a not very exciting topic is all I can muster today. I have slept and mumbled an awful lot, but Allie has either been too nice to laugh or my numb mouth is actually functioning decently. Jeff and I brought home some movies to keep me occupied. I was able to keep my eyes open for Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day (very sweet and fluffy, and I noticed that Jane mentioned it and me today too - thanks dear girl). And I'm looking forward to the Heartbeat Detector and The Counterfeiters once my knight in shining armour arrives home brandishing a smoothie for my dinner.

Nkay. The good news is I'm starting to feel my mouth a bit now. The bad news I'm starting to feel my mouth a bit now. So back to item #1 of that title, I believe. Are you ever kind of okay with a mild infirmary as a welcome chance to be still and comforted?

Wishing you health, happiness, and rest this weekend, xo,AM


  1. Put some frozen peas wrapped in a dishtowel on the sides of your face and don't suck anything through a straw. ((Hugs))

  2. What a timely topic. I have an apt. to get my wisdom teeth out on the 18th. I'M SO SCARED!!

    I've had oral surgery 2 times in my life and both were bad experiences. Just not looking forward to it. I am however looking forward to an excuse to take a couple days off from work and get some zzzzzzs in.

    Hope you're feeling good soon!

  3. Second the "don't suck anything through a straw" advice. I had the wisdom teeth out and got dry socket, it's horrendous. Oh and if I welcome anything about convalescing it's the opportunity to be cared for---far and few between. Take care, feel better.

  4. Ice,ice baby! Keep some ice on that jaw and it will be much more comfortable. Feel better!

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I hope your weekend is spent being pampered.

  6. Anonymous6:23 PM

    ahhh...i've just made my appointment to get mine removed next month and i'm terrified! hope you have a quick recovery!

  7. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Ouch!! I hated getting mine out! take all the meds! and enjoy your rest! Feel better soon! Libby

  8. Hope you feel better soon. I had a whole bunch of teeth removed a few years ago and feel your pain. Good thing is though, those won't hurt you ever again!! :0)
    Hang in there!
    Wish I could send you one of my Ouch bunny's....

  9. Great t-shirt! I got mine out when I was 19 and they didn't hurt at all. Of course that may have had something to do with the fact that my dad made me take the pain killers the moment I got home. Oh yeah, I was feeling woozy and oh-so-gooood. Eat yogurt too. Remember to gargle afterwards and you'll be fine! :-)

  10. What else can you do but make the most of your quiet sofa time? I hope you feel all better soon.

  11. One of my wisdom teeth erupt thru the gum when I was 18, so that was yanked out by my dentist while I watched. The other three were impacted and I went to the oral surgeon and was asleep for the whole thing thankfully! I healed super fast, despite one of the stitches coming out the first night. I did, however, bear a strong resemblance to a chipmunk who was in a brutal boxing match and lost for several weeks afterwards.

  12. Hey, I had a root canal yesterday. I'm feelin' your pain! Good luck, little friend. Hope your mouth feels better soon.

  13. Hey sweetie - sorry about the wisdom teeth thing. My Jill had hers out a couple weeks ago.

    Have Jeff don a cute nurses hat and milk it for all its worth. This is the guilt free time to
    R E L A X.

    Take care


  14. I'd rather give birth to quads! (least I think so...)
    I know when you come fully "to" you'll have like a million colorful ideas that will come together nicely and wow the world and you'll be on shows all over the planet...right?

  15. Enjoy the pain killers and movies and shakes and everyone waiting on you hand and foot! Watch Amelie too. One of my favs and oh so romantic.

  16. Aww... I hope you're feeling better soon. I got my wisdom teeth out some time ago, but didn't get a T Shirt! What a great practitioner you have!

  17. I was going to say don't such through a straw...but it looks that that's been covered. happy healing!

  18. Don't be afraid to take your painkillers (hopefully you got a nice prescription). And I'll fourth the straw thing, I got dry socket with mine and I just remember crying my eyes out when I got to the car after they packed the sockets (I was to proud to cry in front of the dentist so I waited).

    I agree that mild infirmaries can be nice though. It's a good time to smock or embroider and catch up some movies.

    Be sure to relax and spoil yourself a little.

  19. I hope you are all recovered soon. And I definitely know what you mean! Everyone needs some care, attention and relaxation time - especially when you spend so much of your time caring and giving attention to everyone else! Milk it for all it's worth I say!

  20. Oh you poor thing. I hate having dental work too.Hope you heal quickly.Take it easy.

  21. You might consider sleeping sitting upright in a recliner. They throb more when you are lying down. And I second the "no straw" advice. Ouchie. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  22. I feel for you. I had mine out under general when I was 18 - all I will say is that is was wonderful for weight loss! Hope you feel better soon.

  23. Oh sweet girl, don't talk to me about dentists. I have been a frequent visitor from the tender age of twelve; a third of my teeth are fake, and there are very few that are untouched.
    If that is any consolation, do have your painkiller and watch a movie, read or otherwise have the bestest time possible.

  24. Anonymous7:19 AM

    A speedy recovery my little friend and do use this
    time to rest and let those around you take care of
    you. I'm sure they all love doing in for you.

    Ms. Dale

  25. Anonymous8:49 AM

    That shirt is makin' me laugh and I'm not buzzed on anything! I do sorta fondly remember getting my wisdom teeth removed when my twins were about 18 months old. I remember my mom coming to town to take care of me, milkshakes (no straw), and catching up on sleep! Take care!

  26. oooh, no straws! Despite the "mom's aren't allowed to get sick," theory, enjoy the handmade goodies that always go along with a house full of kids. I hope you feel better soon!

  27. Had mine taken out as little wisdom seeds when I had my jaw operated on at age 14. Miserable recovery, but much, much better afterwards--am sure you'll be right as rain soon enough!

    Enjoy the movies and wallow while you can. How many chances do we get to be doted upon and catered to?? Live it up, sister!

  28. hope you make it through the weekend as comfortably as possible!

    kari & kijsa

  29. Anonymous1:49 PM

    hang in there anna!my doctor advised that i should get mine taken out too, but i'm just too chicken to do it right now...but i'm sure i'll be in the same boat sooner or later!

  30. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Enjoy mashed potatoes for awhile! I LOVE the shirt. I didn't get anything from my oral surgeon...except they did forget to tell me not to use a straw. The very first thing I did? Use a straw and pop all of my stitches. I am glad that experience is a distant memory now! :) Feel better soon!

  31. i love being sick! i love being taken care of. i even look fondly upon that time that my stomach was so twisted and hurt so bad and i was super duper sick (probably should have gone to the hospital, i couldn't even eat the homemade chicken noodle soup that my husband made for me sick). But, I got to lay in bed and not do anything for a whole two days and not feel guilty about it. i think that is when you know you put too much pressure on yourself. when it takes you to be hospital sick to sit still. hmmmm.

  32. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Ahhh, my sympathy goes out to you! I had all four out under general too 3 days before Christmas and I looked like desperate Dan for weeks after. Still managed to force down my christmad dinner though (it was a little cold by the end)!

  33. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I lived on Jello for a couple days when I had mine out. If you have to have it done, at least it's an excuse to act like a kid for a bit.

  34. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Take care! I was in such a fuzz for my wisdom teeth. I have no advice but get lots of rest!

  35. Ohhh! How painful! I cannot imagine, infact, I have had three children naturally and THIS scares me MORE! Silly, I know.
    Take it REAL easy and "enjoy" as much of the time off as possible.
    I DID want to say what an encouragement you are to me. You are an amzing women, mother, designer and more! Thank you for being there for me, even though you had no idea you were! :)
    HUGS to you and I wish I were there to bring you many smoothies!

  36. Oh! And "the Holiday" is one of my favorites. Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Jack black. ADORABLE romantic comedy!

  37. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Oh sweet girl - I'd rather give birth than have oral surgery! I hope you are feeling better today!!


  38. so how bad was it? i need to get mine out, they are tearing their way in mighty painfully, but i have no insurance...and i'm scared because getting my tonsils out wasn't a walk in the park. you're a brave soldier getting them pulled! get well.

  39. Anonymous10:00 PM

    the ONLY time I really settle
    down is when not feeling well...always
    love to snuggle with my little boy and
    watch movies, too.

    "The Love Letter" and "Orange County"
    are my two picks. Try 'em, you'll
    like 'em.

    Just saw "JUNO" last night. Am I behind
    or what? What a gem.

    Feel better and continue to inspire,

  40. Wow - thank you for the wonderful range that I found at Amitié

    I will make some cushions for my new dinning chairs soon as I move into new digs...

    Fabric is Sketchbook HDAH01 Ivory...

  41. Love the shirt! All I got was a prescription for vicodin and my mom made me as much instant mashed potatoes as I could eat. I assume you have someone to watch your kiddies. I'd take my painkillers and pass out. Being asleep is a nice way not to notice that your face hurts!

  42. A not so terrible reason to be having some down time. Watch some movies, drink some smoothies, nap. In a few days it will all be over and you will be back in the rat race. ;)

  43. Take Arnica - it's the best for the swelling and to promote fast healing. Plus take the painkillers, don't try to be brave.

  44. Reminds me of the t-shirt my wheelchair bound friend wears. it has a picture of the international wheelchair logo and then underneath it says "I'm only in it for the parking"
    She's so cool she gets away with it too, heeheee, even at church.

  45. Great posting!!!
    I love it!

  46. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hope you're feeling much, much better! And the shirt was VERY amusing, even when not under any anesthesia. Lol!


  47. I'm sorry to hear that! It always meant that you got a milkshake delivered to you if you lived around here! I will never take an infirmary as a reason to be comforted... I want to be comforted and still regardless!!!

  48. Is it really that bad??

    I was told to get mine removed 3, maybe 5 years ago. One of the kids was a baby, anyway. I've still yet to make the appointment.

    Is it really that bad?? Gulp.

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