Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Please and Thank You!


This gorgeous collage, made by my effervescent friend Stephanie Levy is my choice from the grouping that she made from some of my fabric scraps. Several months ago, we settled on a fun exchange where I sent my fabrics to her (in Germany) so she could do what she does best with scraps of things. (Look at more lovelies here.) Stephanie was so kind to offer me first choice for my birthday, even though it took me daaaays of looking, and thinking, and looking, and thinking to decide which one. Cause they're all so bea-yooti-ful, naturally. Don't ya love? I love. Stephanie and I go all the way back to art school where we were student contemporaries (high-faluntin for 'there at the same time'). Anyway, we both admired each other's work, equally, I think and both had a lot of interest in design and pattern in our fine art studies, though with refreshingly different results. I am so happy to have a piece that reflects both of us and points to how we've grown as artists. Our correspondence these days mostly consists of emails where she is asking mother-artist-wife-time-business-management advice which I rarely answer within one month's time because I so clearly have not mastered any of those subjects. But she knows that I love her, and she definitely seems to have it all under control. Quite beautifully.

In articulate promotional news, soon after reading all the glowing reviews of my new stickers I noticed that I have been sending out packing slips with my shop orders from someone named Anna Maria Horer. Yup.



  1. ohhh Anna Maria, this IS beeeee-u-ti-ful! *LOVE* Stephanie does such lovely works, doesn't she!
    Happy Birthdayyyyyy to YOUUUUUU!!!
    And many morrre......

  2. Great Anna Maria! Thanks so much for your lovely fabrics to work with - and I will be getting this one in the mail to you (I think it is also my favorite of the series)! I can imagine it looking very nice in your home - from the photos I've seen on Flickr!

  3. You are the best, hope you are getting some sleep :)

  4. How fun that the two of you have combined your talents on this piece!! What a great reminder of your friendship for both of you!

  5. I'm ROFL about the packing slips, i suppose it could be worse, "Horror" or "Whorer"!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday too!

  6. Anonymous3:59 PM

    It's so nice to have someone who understands your art and your (attempt at) balancing of life.

    I just got my first two yards of the yellow and blue sketchpad bird fabric and can't wait to figure out what to do with it!

  7. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I love the combination of your fabric with Stephanie's layering. And it is so hard to pick a favourite isn't it? I spent ages looking through them all but I settled on the 'London' one because I love blue and green.

    And don't worry - surely everyone gets that much satisfaction out of stickers. I mean - they're STICKERS!!

  8. My husband e-mailed you one time so you ended up on his contacts list. This morning he sent out our wedding photos to everyone in his contacts and you happened to still be on the list!! HAHA!! Hope you enjoy them :)

    Tara Thomas

  9. Laughed out loud and then ran in and checked..sure enough right in the box along with Birdcage on a Chain. Hmm, I'll have to think of a way to use it on my inspiration board. Oh and I have to rush right over and try and beat everyone to the collages you didn't pick!

  10. Hahah! That is hilarious! Those mistakes make ya human :-)

  11. Wow! I saw this on her blog - it's gorgeous! I didn't realise you went back - what a nice creative collaboration :)

    BTW I just posted about my must-read blogs & you are on the list :)


  12. so beautiful and so inspiring! i can see that i need to think much broader than i have been with regard to fabric and art! i can't wait to get the goodies i ordered from you!! :-)


  13. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Love the story about the packing slips. I just received one this week, so now I must go check it more closly! On another topic, would you consider jotting down your method of stitching down the edge binding on quilts and the like? Heather Bailey has a great how to, but she doesn't really detail the last step - the hand stitching on the backside. I just did a binding around a table runner and it's a little, well, rough. Just wondering. I know you have SO MUCH free time and all!!!

  14. i love stephanie's work and am so happy to find you through her blog! your fabrics are lovely and the piece you chose of hers, is, of course a knock-out! :)

  15. I love your designs and your friend's on her website. I think pastel colors are great background for bold daring designs, like in your art. I really admire your work. Keep it up!