Monday, April 07, 2008



This morning's first light on the swept brick. Every muscle in my body protested getting out of bed after a weekend full of weeding, pruning, hauling, digging, tilling, sweeping, lugging, hosing, dusting, wiping....and lots of other -ings. But Jeff and I enjoyed coffee on the patio this morning for the first time in months.


Oh but Saturday was filled with studio -ings, like cutting, sewing, patching, folding, etc. Even a little drilling and mounting for a new shelf. I am in the midst of preparing two new quilt patterns for your downloading pleasure. The detail above is the Drawing Room quilt which is called "birdcage on a chain", and man, its fun to make. Can't wait to finish the top and share it with you. And a note to all who have asked, (though I will send some personal ones before the day is done) I have found my Portland furniture for covering! Thanks to so many of you who sent pictures (and pleadings) with very helpful notes and willing wishes. It is so appreciated. I settled on a pair of antique Queen Anne chairs because its going to work out best for my overall space, etc. I was even presented with a fabulous vintage outdoor iron piece that I'll use to display some Garden Party cushions on!


And speaking of gardens, above is the plan for the "garden wall" quilt which will be made from my upcoming line of quilting fabrics, Garden Party. I have fabric coming outta my ears. Hence all the cleaning in the studio this weekend, so I could make room for making. If you want just the tiniest peek at that upcoming line of fabric, Quilts and More magazine did a feature on me in their Spring 08 issue, on news stands now, where there's a few little pics showing the range. I originally thought that the feature was slated for a Summer issue, which is why I handed over Garden Party pics. Woops. There ya go. OH! Also, many of you have already found this, but in case you haven't, in that same issue, farther back is my pattern and instructions for the flower pin cushion seen here. Have fun making it. I've already seen some gorgeous examples out there in blogland.

Okay, my friends. Many, many patches to piece together in the studio on all fronts. My presence here will likely be patchy over the next week or so, so please forgive me. I may be able to throw in a few pictures with just a very few words of this or that. But two quilts, an upcoming show, and my final book edits are all keeping my head down but my heart glad. Be well.



  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    hope you'll post pics down the road of the portland furniture bit. sounds interesting. going to take a peek of "garden party" now.
    seems like a perfect answer to the weather around here!

  2. It's so much fun to share these peeks in to your creativity! Besides the personal satisfaction you must enjoy, you can be happy knowing that a lot of people, me included, are inspired and uplifted by what you do.

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    It's fun to get a preview of what you're working on! Gets us excited for the new fabrics too. Nice to hear you enjoyed a quiet moment with your hubby.

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I'm amazed at how much you accomplished over the weekend!Could you please bottle up your energy and sell it? I would like to go ahead and sign up to buy a barrel of it!!

  5. WOW you're busy! Everything looks lovely and cheerful - just as I imagine you to be in person. Here's to as productive a week as it as a weekend!


  6. I can't get over how complicated that pattern looks - you're a brave, brave woman!

  7. I can't wait for spring to come for the rest of us. I can wait on the spring cleaning though.

  8. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Good luck finishing everything for Quilt Market! I'll be there so I can't wait to see everything! :) I'm jealous of your wonderful patio. It's pretty cold up here in Wisconsin today. Have a great week!

  9. Can't wait to get my hands on that birdcage pattern! Love your new fabrics, saving some happy money for when they come out -

  10. I am hoping that all that studio -ing will mean you will have some new fabric scrap grab bags on your site! :)

    Celebrate the return to the porch... we're designing one right now and I am living through you vicariously. :)

  11. I can't wait to see the new quilt patterns and the finished furniture projects for Portland.

  12. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Wow- good luck out there, it sounds like you have a lot to do! I'm sure that you'll pull it all together beautifully though...

  13. Can't wait for the new patterns and to have Drawing Room available! Sounds like you have much work to do, but YOU CAN DO IT!!! At least you have a renewed patio to retreat to for respite moments.

  14. Your blog is alway so bright and cheery. I just love dropping in. I can't wait to see how you recover those chairs.

  15. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Good luck with all your upcoming tasks! Wow, that quilt plan sketch is just blowing my mind... think I will stick to sewing clothes. :)

  16. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend! Can't wait to see more of the new fabric line!

  17. Anonymous6:42 AM

    I love the sketch of your "garden wall" quilt! I'm fascinated by all the numbers and their corresponding colors. Are they specific fabrics in different color ways? Thanks for the peak into how you design.


  18. Hi Debbie G-thanks for the quilt pep talk :)
    The numbers for now correspond to the shape/size of the piece. Though this is a first draft and I will likely pull a section of the quilt out, and regulate it as a large block to repeat for the entire quilt. Just messing around at this stage, trying to see what works.

  19. I just bought Quilts and More on Sunday and was delighted to see you in it! I'm also planning to make a couple of pincushions--hubby is amused by my old-school tomato pincushion! Bummed that I'll have to wait on the fabric, though...but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

  20. I love your new quilt pattern!! You are inspiring me to work on my quilt this week. I love your little flower pincushion... now I'll have to buy the magazine! After a crazy traveling weekend, I'm happy to be home and doing all those little around the house jobs. And with my husband! Ask me in a couple weeks though, when we do more gardening and I'll be sharing your sentiment! Congratulations on your great publicity!

  21. Anna Maria,
    I can't wait to get BOTH of your new lines! SO EXCITING!!!! You know just what I like!
    We spent the weekend in the backyard as well, and my hips/legs/neck are all achy....but in a good way....feels good to use muscles I don't normally use.
    I love your pincushion article, too!
    Take care,

  22. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Hi Anna great to hear from you the other day.... quilt is looking good, will I see the original in Portland?

  23. Hi dear Sarah, was so nice to hear your voice as well. yes the quilt I am working on above is a plan for the style I'm to do for know how many changes that can go through though, and that I need to make it at least somewhat comprehendible by anyone who wants to actually sew it!
    love from here, AM

  24. What a fascinating life you lead! I'm always excited to read your newest post.

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  26. Hi Anna,
    just finished reading the article in Quilts and More mag, You're great! I love also the featured pincushion, I think I want to make one soon.

  27. I've been frantically searching for the issue that has your pin cushion pattern in it but I'm too late. Apparently only the Summer issues are out now =( Is there any chance that you might post it in your projects section or email it to me? Please, please, please =) Thanks so much for sharing it with us!! Blessings... Polly