Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finish Line


I can see it. The finish line. But here is a highlight from the race to Quilt Market which is in full swing. My living room is kinda starting to look like a what my booth will look like. I found an old brass lamp, spray painted it red and covered a shade with the Nouveau Bouquet/Eccentric Cool. I trimmed the edges of the lamp with bias cut from Shadow/Eccentric Warm. If you want to know how to cover a lampshade first get to know a product called Steam-A-Seam. It will be your best friend. Then one of these days I hope to show you how to do all the particulars, cause its really fun and easy. And yes that crocheted pillow started here. Which doesn't have anything to do with the booth preparations but finishing it has been a nice distraction (as though there aren't enough of those). And yes, the living room wall color is now glass blue even though there is proof that I recently painted it sun yellow. Don't ask. If you have to know I will send you Jeff's email address and you guys can make fun of me behind my back. I am a chronic wall painter and I acknowledge it. That's half the battle as they say.


I also thought you would be glad to know that Nicolas hand-delivered all the members of the wren family to the safety of the front yard if they hadn't already found their way out of the porch. It was quite moving to see how gentle and in awe he was. And that little baby bird was as happy as could be on his hand for the longest time. Aaaag, it puts a lump in my throat. So most of the little creatures around here seem to be on their way to health and happiness.


The spring weather has even produced a few monkey sightings.

I hope to have some Drawing Room stacks of fabric up for sale in the shop next week and if you're on my mailing list you'll be the first to know when they are there. I hear the yardage should be rolling out to stores any day now, so thanks for being patient! (No one has been more impatient than me!) I will post some full view pics of the prints to give you a good look at everything as I put the goods up on the site.

Back to it, hoping you are well and sorry for the scarce posts over the past few weeks. Looking eagerly for life to return to its normal chaotic pace.

xoxox, Anna


  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Beautiful lampshade! We have a tragically 80s brass lamp that I nearly threw out yesterday, but now I will wait patiently for your tutorial.

    I also can't wait for a drawing room quilt...(selfishly) hope you have a pattern in the works as I can't wait to get my hands on it!

    This is my first post, but I'm a longtime lurker. You've inspired me in so many ways, thanks so much for sharing your lovely life with us.

  2. I am so excited that Nicolas got to carry the birds...what an awesome experience! Are those the biggest mosquite bites he was itching on his wrist?

    I was just sitting here thinking, wait, wasn't her living room just painted yellow? When I first saw your post, it struck me because it was almost the color of my kitchen and upstairs bathroom.

    I am glad someone else changes their mind about wall paint colors more than I do. This way, next time my dad is in town and asks if there are any painting projects, and I tell him I want to repaint my kitchen (again), I can show him your blog and tell him I am in great company!!! You can give Jeffs email addy to my dad and they can comiserate together!

    I just put in my wish list for Drawing Room today!


  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    That lamp and shade are SO awesome! Can't wait to learn how to make one or two. How exciting the new fabric is almost here, oh boy oh boy!

  4. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Drawing Room can't come soon enough. I already have plans for it. Can you cover existing lampshades? Wow, the leaves are so developed on your trees. Ours are just budding out and there is a frost warning tonight. :-( I haven't even met my tulips yet...

  5. I used to paint for a living, and I am never content with wall color. As long as the sun rises and sets and clouds come and go, it will never be just right! Citrus colors are the flavor du jour right now! LOVE your pretty lamp!!!!

  6. the lamp looks great, I'm waling around my house right now with a can of spray paint , to see if I can liven up some of our lamps, put my order in for drawing room fabric a couple of weeks ago, can hardly wait for it to get here!

  7. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I really can't wait till your new fabrics hit the stores!

  8. I had to laugh at "chronic wall painter". He knew early on that you were a painter and artist. You just know no bounds. Paint away! Great room. The booth will look lovely. ~jen~

  9. Anonymous11:29 PM

    That is just the sweetest thing! I'm always amazed at how little boys can have such a loving maternal side to them. And when it comes, it makes you awestruck. Good job Nicolas! =)

  10. How cool, I just sprayed a lamp red too!

  11. Love the painting too.

  12. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I love, love, love your stuff! I love the lamp, the sofa, its colors... all of it! And, I love the crochet! (I need to learn how to crochet and knit.) You are a real artist, you know that?! Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all! Take care.


  13. All so lovely, and I did breath a sigh of relief to see the happy and healthy birdie.

  14. Great photos! I am totally getting all my lamps ready to spray paint. I LOVE THE RED!

    I can't wait to see more of your fabric! Exciting!

    (PS... could I use any more exclamation marks?!?!?!!!!!)

  15. Beautiful. Love it. Can't wait to indulge in more fabric hoarding. :-)

  16. Anonymous10:07 AM

    AMAZING! wow. You are so talented! Was there a pattern for that crochet doilie you made for the pillow? would love to know! thanks!


  17. Love the glimpse of the living room. Gorgeous!

  18. Anonymous10:55 AM

    you are my favorite place to stop in the blogosphere. you bring warmth and color and sun and light into my world.

    thank you!

    (sweet shot of the bird, sweet shot of your tree climber, love your fabrics. now i am gushing...)

  19. I had to laugh about you painting your living room again. I myself have painted mine 3 times in less than 4 years. My friends joke that my living room is actually getting smaller because of all the paint layers!

  20. My walls are the same color and I have been waiting so patiently for your new line to come out because I had a feeling it would be perfect for new curtains and pillows. Now I see that I was right!!

  21. Cool stuff!! I love the sofa and all the bright colors!

  22. Anonymous6:35 AM

    That lampshade is beautiful! I haven't had a try at it yet, but I do, in fact love steam a seam :0) .

    I can't wait for Drawing Room to some in...

  23. Your living room is so beautiful! I love how the lamp turned out. You are going to be a hit at the Quilt Market!! (I also can't wait for your fabrics to come out... I have some living room decorating of my own to do!)

  24. Anonymous10:30 AM

    You always bring me a smile. Thank you.

  25. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Hi Anna. I ate at the Kalamata Cafe today off Northshore in Knoxville and guess what was hanging over my table? Yes, a beautiful painting that had A.M. Horner on the bottom. I told my friend, hey I know her. I know, I know, we have never met in person, but I feel like I know you! Anyway, the painting was beautiful and I hope to see more of your art some day!

  26. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Can't wait to see the new fabric... and I am very happy that I am not the only one who changes her mind about paint. My best friend also has the same problem and she is in the midst of repainting her dining room... was so desperate to get it done that she is painting around frames on the wall :)
    I's our perogative as women!!

  27. Beautiful lampshade! I can't wait to get some of your pretty new fabric line. Take care, Vivian Love

  28. I've been making Lampshades for a while now and I must say i love this lamp- I keep trying to find something eyecatching and now I'm full of ideas!

  29. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on having the finish line in view.

  30. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Count me in among those anxiously awaiting your new fabric! Any chance you can share the new paint color? I love it!

  31. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Hi Anna Maria, the crochet pillow you made is just beautiful. It is so intricate! I love the stories of little animal creatures. They remind me of my own ones... finding baby birds, caterpillars, and turtles... though most of the time, the stories weren't so happy. Baby/wild animals are so hard to care for. I'm glad the wren story was a happy one :o) Take care & have a good Friday! xox, Linnea

  32. Love the lamp and the little glimpse of quilt market!

  33. Everything looks beautiful! Will you tell us what paint color you used?

  34. I enjoy stopping into your blog and look forward to your new fabrics. You are VERY talented.

    I meant to post a comment for Sideways Bird. It reminded me of the story, Crickwing, by Janell Cannon. She is a wonderful children's author. My kids always enjoyed her stories.

  35. Anonymous7:58 AM

    oh, pleasepleasepleaseplease take lots of pictures of your booth and post them! From what I've seen so far, "Drawing Room" is the perfect name for your new line. I just want to drape it all over everything in my house--gorgeous!!! That lamp is absolutely stunning, especially next to the beautiful painting! Will you include some paintings in the booth? It really makes the fabrics even more elegant. Beautiful work!

  36. Anna,

    I just sent you an e-mail to your customer service e-mail account but it bounced back to me! I just found your blog....and LOVE YOUR DESIGNS. We are adopting a little girl from Guatemala....and I have a few questions for you. My hubby and I live in Franklin, TN. Check out our blog....and send me an e-mail when you get a few minutes. It is lindseyewheeler at hotmail.com

    Lindsey Wheeler

  37. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Hi Anna Maria, Wondering if anyone else is experiencing a delay in loading your blog page. It takes a couple of minutes to load. Of course, like any good thing...it comes to those who wait and you are well worth the wait. But, sitting looking at a white nothingness can be a bit frustrating. It wasn't always this slow, it started a little while ago.

  38. I adore the painted lamp. Great idea. (Runs to grab my old brass lamps.)

  39. Beautiful blog...Beautiful work!

  40. What a beautiful little peek into your living room!

  41. Anonymous12:09 PM

    When and where can I get some of your Drawing Room Home Dec fabrics??? I love the lamp and the fabric. Do tell...

  42. You have a really nice blog, and I love ypur name and your profession ;) My name is also Anna Maria … and I'm a graphic designer :)
    Anna Maria

  43. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Gorgeous photo of the bird on the hand. So sweet, the bird and your boy!

  44. I just ordered some of this fabric off J. Caroline Creative _ I have been watching faithfully since discovering your work at the end of March, because I have some curtains I want to make from the blue/orange bird fabric - before my first baby arrives any day. For some reason, making this curtains has become the Last Thing To Put In Place that signals that I'm ready. I guess I'll have to be careful about when I sew them! In any case, thank you for giving me such gorgeous fabric to make a home for my baby with!

  45. Anonymous12:11 AM

    i think the room looks great! it's got a bohemian feel to it... i love it!

  46. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I've been sort of obsessing over covering my lampshades in the living room but have had the hardest time committing to a fabric... does the color of the light change at all because of the colors in the fabric? That might make a difference for me and narrow my choices a bit.

  47. The glass blue paint is fantastic, and quite possibly what I've been searching for. I know this ? is piddly in the midst of life, but if you get a sec... Thanks :)K

  48. i really love that glass blue color. if you have a second, what color name/brand is it?


  49. Anonymous5:50 AM

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  50. hello anna maria,
    really enjoyed your blog-first time visitor. i am so inspired by your red lamp that i just bought a brass piece on ebay! any tips on how to make the paint stick? primer?
    thank you very much and i am looking forward to more of your posts!

  51. It's fun looking at those pictures you have posted. Glad I come across you blog. Keep it up!

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