Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Uncommon Quilting

Uncommon Quilter book jacket

Before I forget, I wanted to share this inspiring book by Jeanne Williamson that I recently came across. It would make an ideal gift for someone who loves to quilt, collage, paint or all of the above. The concept behind the book in itself is a very inspiring thing for a designer. Jeanne set out to make a quilt every week for one year. 52 quilts! That dedication alone is so inspiring. And she continued this from 1999 to 2005 until she had 365 quilts. Not quilts in the sense that most people think of them, but smaller scale "art" quilts, for lack of a better description. The materials she uses in many of them are uncommon to say the least...cupcake wrappers, potato bags, newspaper .... along with more traditional things like paint, fabric, stitching.

I love her choice of consistently making them about the same size of about 8x10" so that the resulting collection has a stunning flow but such variety. In the end they seem to be a mental landscape of sorts and record the time, moods and happenings in her life over the course of a year. In looking through the book you can't help but notice how personal the collection is. It leaves the quilter in me thinking differently and the painter in me also a bit changed. While it specifically goes over how to make some of the quilts in the book (see some more images here) the overall urge that I get is to make any one item over and over again. Also to let some things be failures and some things be successes but let all the work speak for the dedication that I have to my craft. Inspiring, no?

Okay-thought you'd wanna see. Back to work. My feet are freezing! Where are those kids' soccer socks.....


  1. The book sounds fascinating!! Our library won't have it, but I buy a lot of used books on amazon. I've never been stung either. They may have a small mark, etc but just like new.

    This sounds like a fun book to curl up in bed with.
    Thanks for sharing... now go get you feet warmed.

  2. I have that book and it certainly is inspiring. I am thinking that for the new year I'll prepare a lot of rectangles with batting and batting all ready to work on. I'd be more likely to actually do them that way. What often stops me is just getting the piece ready to work on.

  3. Fascinating, thanks for sharing. Where's Leo, the Lab, to warm your feet?

  4. stitch | hope3:41 PM

    hey anna! thought you might be interested in my thesis project, which consisted of 3 books and 3 corresponding "alterna-technoquilts." check out my flickr set here:

    i blog too! :

  5. I've seen a couple of reviews of this one and each one just convinces me that I should check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Goodness, that is amazing! I have to get it. Amazon wish list, where are you?
    ~Angela :-)

  7. Awesome book...holy cow. Merry Christmas to me!

  8. Thanks for the suggestion! I am always on the hunt for new books for inspiration!

  9. Thanks for your review - now I want the book - it has set my creative wheels colorfully churning. BTW - that's why I can't throw away the netting from the oranges, unusual patterned tin foil from the coffee beans, etc. etc. collages and quilts in my mind. Thanks for moving me through it.

  10. I will be adding that to my wish list also! I wanted to say congrats on the Martha Appearance! I watched it and enjoyed it so much! I am so happy that she is (or her people are) getting Rockin Blog Stars and designers like you on her show for some planetary exposure! Now, just wrangle a deal over at Target so we can buy yer stuff!! Very proud of you and so happy that you have a Blog and share so much with all of us. I am going to try out some silhouettes next year. Happy Holidays! xxxooo calamity kim

  11. The making and making and making again is so fundamental to art and finding your voice. My husband is an artist and a art prof. and one of his assignments is to actually make over a hundred of one thing. It really pushes the students. I'm not as good about following this advice. With such limited time I get caught up in how things will turn out. The hubby is always encouraging me to give it one more go around (or ninety), so I've been trying to spend some more time doing that. Thanks for the book reccomendation--it sounds amazing.

  12. thanks for that - great idea to set a personal challenge like that and just be prepared to fail and move on to the next version regardless - but 365 quilts - WOW!!!

  13. Jen in PA2:57 PM

    I think I'm sounding like a stalker now because I keep asking but I would really really love to know where you got your beautiful carpet in your dining room (pictured in your November 21 post). Where? Where?

  14. Wow... I see what you mean. I think my new years resolution (not that I ever do this) will be to do a piece of art a day, whatever that turns out to be...just to exercise that!

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