Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Blur Girl

Someone made quite a menace of herself today. Little miss flight attendant seems to think that she is now my assistant and insists on running around the studio at the same pace I do. Even during photo shoots! I spent 3 hours cleaning up in here today to get some good photos except I couldn't manage to scrub this little pink blur off the floor. Everywhere I turned, there it was.


Hey don't look now but thats a sneaky little peeky of "Drawing Room" my new line of home decor fabrics set for a January/February debut. I've been awash in color and happiness here in the studio as I go over all the strike offs from that line as well as the "Garden Party" quilting line set for a May release. Oh and hey don't look now, but behind that little peeking blur girl there's a wall full of Garden Party strike offs too. I've tricked you with my blur powers, good idea Eleni! Anyhoo, enjoy a little palette tease for now and details and up close portraits will follow one of these days once its legal!

Mad Dash

Yes, right, gotta dash, thanks for reminding me little sweetie. On second thought I could use an assistant. I think someone silly, colorful and full of energy would work out just fine. Know anyone??

Oh yea! And I guess you can say this is my warm-up for next week. Man, I'm goofy.



  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Oh my goodness! Such a treat to see a fun sneaky peek! Love it all, can't wait to actually buy it!

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    YEY!! I've been waiting and waiting to get a peek at what you are up to... I love those bright colors and can't wait to see more!!

    Now the HARD part... waiting for it to be in stores!

  3. Oh, I'm loving those colors! Will we be seeing more at Martha, by chance?

  4. Oh how hi-larious! Looks like my three and a half year old.....hopping everywhere where I do and don't want her....*sigh*....just cleaned up my messy studio as well....love the sneekie peekies.....can't wait!

  5. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Sneaky, sneaky, Anna Maria! Love what I see and that pink blur is the sweetest!

  6. Great pics! Thanks for the sneak peaks, the colors on Garden Party look so fun! Drawing Room looks pretty fun too though, good thing they come out a few months apart so that we can buy them all! : )

  7. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Great photo series! I've got to know what that black & white braid painting is all about. I thought it was a ghost at first.

    Looks like a happy, happy place, your studio.

    Hi Eleni!

  8. Anonymous12:32 AM

    I was thinking the SAME thing as Heather!!! I thought that was the "Blur" at first and was kinda scared! I can not tell what that is!

  9. Anonymous12:33 AM

    I can't wait to see the new fabric!

    Eleni is an adorable assistant.


  10. Anonymous3:47 AM

    C'est magnifique! no room for gloom indeed!

  11. your studio is so great,and you should have Eleni for assistant...she's so lovely.

  12. I hope Eleni realizes what a lucky girl she is, getting to hang out in your studio all day. (I am sure she does!). How I wish I were that pink blur--sigh. Does she need a babysitter? I'll sit for free if you let me hang out in there and see that fabric. Okay, I'm being silly. But congrats. I wish I could see the Martha Show--I'll have to pay someone to tape it for me? Hmm. Good luck with everything, and I can't wait to see full, clear shots of that fabric!!!!!!

  13. Can't wait for your new line debut!

    Your studio looks awesome!

  14. Gorgeous colours and your assistant is a blur of activity...love her energy!! :)

  15. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I love your fabrics. Beautiful colors.

  16. hmmmm... i really want my own room for all that stuff we do. yours looks so nice.

  17. Thanks for the sneak peek of your new line! I'm recording the Martha Show next week. Can't wait to see you in person...sort of. :)

  18. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Hi Anna Maria, I love your blog and your colorful life. Just a little FYI - your blurring technique is not full-proof. Your images can be sharpened in most photo programs to reveal the true image. Just wanted to let you know in case you are under a gag order and not allowed to show the actual fabrics until they debut. As always, thanks for putting such beauty in the world thru your art.

  19. ha! debbie-thanks for your input, if someone works hard enough to unblur my photos, then they fully deserve a good look at the fabrics :)
    have a great morning! xoxo,Anna

  20. Thanks for the little sneaky peak! I cannot wait for the full reveal!

  21. Anonymous9:06 AM

    The fabrics are beautiful - can't wait to touch and feel and create something beautiful. P.S. It only took me about a minute to un-blurr your wonderful new line - not a difficult procedure. I was just worried that you are under contract with FreeSpirit. I have similar contractural clauses to follow. Must be the "schoolmarm" in me or my co-dependent nature. Have a colorful day! ;)

  22. Anonymous9:19 AM

    How exciting! I now have a project in mind that is waiting for that pink fabric that is dripping off your table...can't wait to see the rest of it! Oooh....what is that painting with the disappearing braid?? Looks very interesting!

  23. OH,tease, tease, tease! Can't wait to see your new lines. I'm making a quilt for my niece right now with Chocolate Lollipop and am loving it.

  24. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Would you please adopt me? I love your fabric! It is divine!

  25. Anonymous10:22 AM

    TWO lines of strike offs at once?? I think I would go batty! Colors would be coliding, monster truck messes would be made-but I have no doubt you, if anyone, can do it!


    PS-I don't think I've swooned to you about the show yet...swwooonnn swooonnn swooonnn...!! So cool!

  26. nice to see whose creative spirit has designed this gorgeous fabric, my little viking looks so damn good in it :)

  27. so lovely! the colors are beautiful!! your studio looks like such a wonderful place to hang out in all day!!!

  28. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Great pics....now that little girl has some serious energy.

    Christmas clip art

  29. Ahhhh...lovely blur and fabrics. I would be rolling in them! It is so exciting to know you will be on Martha next week. Will be sure to watch.

  30. Your little pink blur is pretty cute:D Can't wait to see the new lines......I just posted an outfit made with your fabrics on my blog:D Hugs, Linda

  31. Anna Maria, you're so cute!!! I saw your little You Tube talk on Quilter's Bee. They will LOVE YOU on Martha. Just don't let her talk over you!!!! She wasn't prepared for Jenn Docherty...asked really stupid questions of her, and Jen was just like, "uh, they cost $50-60. Probably NOT good party favors!!!!!" I love Martha but sometimes....
    We are setting the TIVO here!!!!

  32. Ooooh....Ahhhhh....
    I love sneaky peeks! So fun.
    Ok, off to unblur the pics now. *wink*

  33. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Hey Erika Cass Designs - sounds like a bit of sarcasm regarding my info to Anna Maria about her photos. Wow, I guess I won't be offering my advice anytime soon. "WINK"

  34. Ooooh - lovely colourful blurry photos. Can't wait to see them unblurred and legal!

  35. thanks for all the teasing! I can't wait to see you on Martha!!

    The "Drawing Room" fabrics are so pretty- from what I am able to see :-)

  36. from waht i can see everything is so cheerful and upbeat...
    i have had several blurs rushing around here as i am upping my workload..my blurs are in 5 different sizes. :o)
    i finally got a few pictures up of my new design --The Giddy-Up skirt-- on my blog if ya have a second to come take a peek.

  37. Hi Anna Maria,

    I almost bought some home dec fabric last night to make slip covers for my couch pillows but then I saw your new line! Could you please note whether the fabric will be sateen or dobby finish? Or is that too much info at this point?



  38. Anonymous11:18 AM

    What a great space to work in(and run around in). I love getting a sneaky peek a other people's spaces and yours is delightful. Intrigued by the plaited hair painting!?

  39. Oh, those COLORS!!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! May you say? And Jan/Feb for the home dec? OUCH! Oh well, I've finally gotten my hands on some Chocolate Lollipop! I can't wait to play!

  40. Hi all-the home dec fabric will be sateen finish, although not an especially slick shiny type, nice and soft and cottony...but still really good structure. I really love this weight because it is not too heavy for clothing items, bags or quilts, and just perfect for upholstery and curtains. I have a couch or two waiting for it myself!!
    have a great day, back to working on my website :)

  41. Can't wait to see "clear" pics of the new goodies! :-) Thanks for the sneak peek!

  42. Anonymous10:44 PM

    what a tease!!! love it!!great shots!!

  43. I think you have managed to capture your giddy anticipation of the good stuff on the horizon.

  44. looking forward to both new lines and next week on Martha! good luck! You will be GREAT!

  45. Anonymous12:28 PM

    My favourite photo is the one in the middle, with the little pink thing peeking out from behind a chair.

    the fabric looks good enough to eat!

  46. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Loving the illustrations on that fabric, and that pink blur!!


  47. Hi Anna,

    I just looked at your studio and it really inspired me. I can't wait to get it together enough to have a studio that feels good. Also, your 22 lollipops quilt is absolutely gorgeous and that is an understatement. Great photo montage too. Love it! Love it!


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  49. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Your photos are always so beautiful, but these, for some reason, really made me smile--probably the excitement and joy seen in your daughter's movements! If you haven't done so already, can you share info as to the blue colors used on the walls, trim and work area? The wallpaper (or is it your fabric?) is a lovely accent through the middle :)


  50. Anonymous8:27 AM

    What a sweet little girl! So cute!!

    I am taking up sewing because of your fabrics! I just need to learn first (I am a knitter and crafty person, but haven't sewn much)! What beautiful colors and patterns... so inspirational, just like your blog :)

  51. I'm loving the palette peeks of your new line!! Can't wait to see more of the fabrics :) Not to mention I'm loving the color palette of your whole house! No wonder you are always inspired to create!

  52. Anonymous3:44 PM

    another blog for my favorites, sweet! Nice to see another creative mom with loads of kids.