Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Taking off


When's it gonna go?


Whoa! What was that?




Don't be scared Bunny.


This is so cool.

It was like a dream. For both of us.
Home safe now. talk soon, xo, AM


  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Oh, the sweetness!

  2. Such a sweet photo sequence! Can't wait to hear how it went at QM!

  3. Welcome home! Looks like bunny and girlie and mommy had a great time! Looking forward to seeing/hearing all about your wonderful time! For now, put your feet up and bask in the afterglow of it all!!!!!

  4. "Don't be scared bunny." Such a timeless and beautiful photo! Loved it. Welcome back.

  5. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Can't wait to hear all about your trip! I have been voraciously reading as much as I can find about Market! I am sure I'll be completely overwhelmed when I go in the Spring, but reading about at least helps me see what I am on board for!Looking forward to your recap!

  6. She is so precious! The pictures are like a story. She will love to look at those pictures when she is older.

  7. I love these photos... if you were my best friend, you would make a little handmade book with marbeled paper and keep this little memory for her later in pictures just like above!!! Your photos just reminded me of the little books she would give me for big occasions. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. The one of bunny peeking out the window is adorable! how special for you both.

  9. welcome home - it was so nice to see you and have dinner - thank you so much for my pincushion! i can't wait to put it in my new craft room at my new house!


  10. welcome back!! SOOO can't wait to hear about your trip!!!

  11. This makes my heart ache a little just remembering my girls at this age. They change so fast. This series is a treasure. Thanks.

    - Molly

  12. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Just took my 7yo daughter on her first plane trip & can totally relate to your images, Hope it was a great time for you both.

    Also loving the scrumptious pincushions shown in your last post!

  13. Oh my goodness this is so simple and so nice.Many blessings!

  14. So beautiful Anna, i love the photos sequence.

  15. Such a happy post.
    Welcome safely home.

  16. I love these photos. I sure miss the days when my girls were little. Welcome back.

  17. Anonymous11:29 PM

    My Emily has that same Bunny. She is ten in January and still sleeps with it every night. Love this pics!

  18. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Just beautiful -
    The pictures, the post, your sweet girl...
    Precious moments that you shared!


  19. Lovely photos, lovely post. Sweetness.

  20. Oooh -- what an adventure! I'm glad both of you are home safe and that your princess was more excited than scared of the plane! Love those pin cushions you've been playing with as well -- very sweet!

  21. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Too cute! Glad you're back, can't wait to hear about your adventures!~A :-)

  22. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I am so happy to see she has a bunny! I had a bunny growing up, named Bunny, and I still have her. She has traveled to Europe three times and is with me now in California. I'm 22 and I could never see myself without Bunny haha. Your daughter has a very special friend!

  23. The most beautiful images I have seen in a blog.
    Thanks for sharing!
    You have a really beautiful blog!
    Regards from tuscany.

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