Friday, September 21, 2007

My trophy shelf

Newborn Baby Pepper

No attempt at making sense between the photo and the content of this long overdue post is one of the main reasons I'm tackling it, so be nice, its been a long week. Juliana and I were quite intrigued by the baby pepper we delivered by cesarean section recently and it seemed like something that could take a prize at a produce fair. I should probably just stick to the not making sense thing. But speaking of prizes, you guys are the best, and I have some thanks to catch up on to some of my fellow bloggerdooodles. I appear to be thought of as either rockin', nice or inspiring by Meg (who cannot stop making beautiful things), Natalie (who seems to think shes only allowed to put gorgeous photos on her site), Linda (who insists on only sharing the darling things in life), Allegra (I am flipping out over the cuteness of her baby) and Hayley (who even dreamed up her own award!). I love little blog awards and I really do appreciate them though I am almost always either tardy or remiss at responding to them or obliging their rules. That'll teach you to ever give me one again. Please forgive me. But can I just say amazing is this little world were we connect and share and all around get better at what we do, whether its knitting, painting, designing, cooking, writing, mothering or just being. Sharing our days in the form of photos and writing, really does seem to just make us better or at the very least not feel alone. It serves so many of us in so many different ways and I for one am thankful for that and thankful for you.
Also I just really wanted to say thanks particularly to those of you who can relate to my shoulder issue yet were very clear to point out that you have never in fact placed candy corn on your shoulder in public (as if I would have expected you to). Yes, that was a sarcastic thanks. Actually, no, I mean it, it made me laugh really hard every time.
You all get the Beautiful Newborn Red Pepper Award 'cause I said so.
Love from here! xo,AM


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I agree! It's so nice to see what people around the world get up to on a daily basis! Lots of love from a cold Sweden!

  2. I'd like to accept this Beautiful Newborn Red Pepper Award on behalf of all of the baby carrots, the gherkins
    and the cocktail weiners.

    Ok, I know that didn't make sense. I'm just keeping with your theme. :)

  3. Betz-it made perfect sense to me, you're thanking all the little people (or veggies)
    :) AM

  4. Thank you for the award! I'm not new to your blog but probably it's only the second time I post. I love your blog, your fabric, you're truly an inspiration to not only crafters but mothers as well. Kudos from Canada!

  5. my mom always tells the story about how she found double yokes in a whole dozen eggs! how cool about the pepper!

    by the way my quilt store is getting your chocolate lollipop fabric in today and i am DYING to buy some! my goal is to make a quilt for our bed. oh, i can't wait! thank you for designing such gorgeous fabric!

  6. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Anna Maria:
    So true. How wonderful that we get to connect with incredible women all over the world over our morning coffee. Pass the sugar please...

  7. Anonymous11:44 AM

    You crack me up.

  8. Anonymous3:54 PM

    That is one freaky looking pepper!

  9. Tee hee hee ... when are you going to start your promising second career as a stand up comic?

  10. Oh Anna! You are tooo cute! Too much fun! I love that baby red peppa! :) Happy Friday!

  11. Anna Maria,
    Thank you so much for this award! I've never gotten one like this before. I promise to treasure it and always live up to its high standards.

  12. You're a riot! I love reading your blog.. it makes me giggle :)

  13. I feel totally uncreative at the moment as I just woke up and read your post with one eye open. I will admit that I had to open both eyes to look at the 'pepper baby'... wierd!!

  14. My first post,pfff, feels a bit akward. I Recently started getting into different knitting, cooking, littlemomentsoflife-blogs, and I love it! Feels like home although I don't know anybody, verry strange.

    BUT NOW: the main reason I'm posting. My boyfriend is from Tunisia (and we live together in Belgium) and there they believe that a babypepper in a big pepper anounces a baby born in the house or by extension in the family...So I don't know what you're plans are, just hope you have some space left...
    Funny note: before meeting my boyfriend I can't remember coming across a baby pepper like that. Ever since we have them very often, now maybe it's wishfull thinking or there is something very strange with the peppers imported to Belgium...


  15. yay!! the Beautiful newborn red pepper award!!! woohoo!

  16. The BNRPA... I will be gushing and blushing all day! Thank you so very much for the honor and the kind words.
    I just love your blog, and now you have made me feel really special... thank you.
    Betz... funny!
    And, if I may, I would like to introduce your Beautiful Newborn Red Pepper to a mysterious conception I found a few months ago...

  17. On Friday evening I delivered triplet yellow peppers by caesarian section! First time in my life I ever saw anything like it...They weren't nicely formed like yours but I guess it was a bit of a squash in there!

  18. fi-there was squash in your peppers?
    Sounds like some cross pollination going on in the ole vegetable garden.

  19. Hi......Love the pepper in the pepper and the c-section you performed to deliver it:D Also.....Thank you soooooomuch for mentioning me on your blog......I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked to see how many visitors I had the last couple of day (since we were gone). WELL, I am here to tell you I had HUNDREDS of hits from your referral......THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate it:D Hugs, Linda

  20. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Natalie has been blogging for 5 years and totally blows me away with her lovely photos and lovely writing. I love your little pepper award- that is too funny! I have seen that inside them, too, and wondered...I am off to check out the other winners...

  21. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I discovered your blog the other day, and although I don't sew, knit, paint, write, draw, or even really care about shopping, I love reading your blog. The things you create are beautiful! Makes me wish I had some sort of a talent...but I think there are people with an overabundance of creativity and artistic ability(like you) to make up for the people with none (like me!). I'll definitely be sticking around. :o)

  22. hi new reader, I am sure there are talents you can share with me. Appreciating is a talent unto itself. Thanks for joining :)

  23. My mother usually picks the baby out and eats it as I'm trying to cut the capsicum up. She's lucky I don't cut off her fingers :)