Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dear Jeff

We miss you. I finally got a nap in yesterday afternoon. Our 4am trip to the airport did not do much for my single parenting patience yesterday. I forget how hard it is when you're gone. I took the boys and Isabela to the science museum this morning with Karen who brought Josh and Leah. They all had a blast, dinosaurs, flight simulators, and every other gadget-y science-y trick. Karen and I got to watch from the comfort of a bench and an overdue conversation about life, family and parenting. I needed that. How did we get so lucky to land next to another family of 7? What great neighbors. Afterwards we swung back home to pickup Juliana and Eleni and headed for our favorite lunch spot. They were all like moths to a flame at the pastry counter, naturally. But they eventually gave in to the $4 PB&Js instead. Juliana and I got our usual Greek salad and Mediterranean veggie sandwich. Yum.

Well the spat over whether or not Juliana can glue all her magazine clippings to the wall seems to be taking a turn for the better. She's painting all the images instead. I guess she figured she's allowed to hang art. She worked on it all day yesterday and today. It looks amazing actually, I can't believe how good she is without anyone really teaching her anything. She completely has a handle on light, dark, color, structure and other things that some people take years to learn. I think she'll love taking art and photography at school this year. We watched Music & Lyrics last night which was predictably amusing yet predictable. I figured we would get a few girl movies out of the way while you're gone.

I just noticed that Eleni foamed your shaving cream all over our bathroom wall today while I was one the phone. Isabela has the keyboard on the powertools setting and I feel like our house is being remodeled again. Although Juliana is certain those sounds are more bearable than listening to the pre-programmed Aladdin soundtrack. Four more days till school. Long days. But only four of them.

Well, I still have to take a card and gift to Sherry, pickup my prints (we need to get our new printer!) for the new fabric and home goods collection so I can send off the I better run. Hope your presentation went well and also that you can get the earlier flight home. We all miss you. Even Leo.



  1. I missed the original spat, but what I was allowed to do as a kid included:
    (1) plaster one entire wall with teen beat posters - using ticky tack. when I was old enough not to want the new kids on the block up there anymore I took them all down, found that the ticky tack left a little residue, but luckily at that time I also didn't want yucky beigey-pink walls anymore and was allowed to paint them blue
    (2) then i was only allowed to ticky tack to wood surfaces - my closet doors, etc. (i plastered my doors with my favorite ads)
    (3) I also was given a big cork bulletin board to pin whatever i wanted to.
    (4) one last idea - if a big bulletin board isn't enough there's also magnetic paint - then she could put everything up with magnets.

    of course - hanging paintings is great too :)

  2. Oh Juliana, you are such a budding artist! You have the best teacher on earth, YOUR OWN MOMMA!

  3. WOW you have are family of 7 I have 6 2 were sprung on us! twins SURPRISE! You inspire me being so creative and industrious!
    Ps I only got to use tape with all my vogue and Cosmpolitan models constantly changing just one wall.Darn furnature was in the way!

  4. Did I just read new fabric?? Cant WAIT!!

  5. Mmmm...Your picture made me want to make my own trip to the pastry counter. I believe it is St. Louis Bread Co. (or Panera Bread to all of the non-St. Louis folks). They have wonderful pastries!

    Your daughter looks so studious in that picture. She is so talented, just like her mother!

  6. Helena8:52 PM

    Hang in there mamma, your prince charming will be back soon! :)

  7. wow, love oyur blog :) just letting you know I have featured you in mine, hope you don't mind:

  8. new fabrics?? woo hoo!! Hang in there ... LindaSonia (

  9. Tiffany10:43 AM

    I know that restaurant...I love, love, LOVE that place! I was there yesterday and got my usual: greek salad (add grilled chicken) and whole grain baguette. Yummmmm!
    I hope your hubby returns soon! :-)

  10. Next week my husband is gone... and we still have 3 more weeks until school starts! UGH!!!
    Why is it that you usually do most of the work yourself, but when your husband is gone, it just FEELS like so much more???!
    You have great kids... and Julianna is really good (definately has your talent!)

  11. Ah yes, I too catch up on the chic flicks when hubby is gone.

    Hope he gets an earlier flight back!

  12. School is sooooo great!!! :P
    I can´t believe that these 3 I have at home will only start school in midlle September!!!

  13. What a great blog! I found it through and was excited to see that you are Orthodox! I am too... in fact, my husband is a priest:)

    I'll visit again soon!


  14. I love your patched pillows and the photo of the girls nestled into them. A great photo to be framed as a reminder of the summer.
    PS I'd be lined up at the Pastry Counter too. Those kids are wise young ones.

  15. The colors of your fabrics are amazing. I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and have been catching up, reading all the archives. Your fabric colors have really caught my attention, I don't think I have seen those combinations before they're drool-tastic!

  16. This is very sweet. Four days! Seven children!? Oh frazzled I got with just two (I'm sure you hear that plenty however...)

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