Friday, September 29, 2006

Note to self, win money

Oh my goodness gravy I have never done this but I am least I better, because out of the past 8 months of eligible entry time, I have waited until the absolutely no later than postmark deadline of today, September 29, 2006, to enter a BHG's remodel contest. I've had the form filled out for about a week and the photos taken for about 5 days. My printer ran out of ink while I was trying to put it all together the other day and I almost cried.

But alas, I will survive, oh as long as I know how to print I know I'll stay alive. Sorry.

What category you ask??? Out of twenty categories I am doing the Kithcen Remodel Over $15,000 category. I'm not going to say at this point just how much over because I'm in a really good mood today (starbucks soy cafe mocha no whip on the table). However I would like to consult with the people who enter the Kitchen Remodel Under $15,000 and find out how they did it.

Because I have always been a before and after picture fanatic (my sister and I would always pour over my mom's Good Housekeeping magazine for the best makeover, using all Avon ofcourse) I am going to leave you this weekend with a before picture and let you use your imagination on how I might have improved this space. Promise I will unroll the afters soon, as well as share the ins and outs of gutting and remodeling a kitchen over the holiday and winter months with five children, a husband, a dog and holiday guests to cook for........of course you'll see the official after pictures featured in Better Homes & Garden since I will be winning the $25,000 grand prize and all. I actually do have to win, because it was part of my remodel financing plan to do so.

I know that with just one glance it seems inconceivable that I would even want to change anything about the glory of mauve and teal pineapples above, but they didn't match my dishes. Truth be known, I would spend several minutes sometimes just staring at the wallpaper and daydreaming about an Urban Outfitters photoshoot in front of it.......I would picture like a really hungry looking platinum blonde 15 yr old standing in front of it looking confused wearing a palm leaf print floor length dress with some brown and grey striped wool arm-warmers, shoulder length plastic pink earrings........I'm telling you it could have worked. But then my eye would catch a glimpse of how my own extremely sarcastic 14 yr old, Juliana, had irreverently graffitied a thought cloud above one the pineapples that read "hello world I'm a dingy pineapple". Gosh I wish I had saved that piece of drywall.

Cross your fingers for me, I have to wait until MAY to find out! ISH! Thats a long time, I'll be winining in my heart between now and then.



  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    You know, I really do miss those dingy pineapples... I KNOW!!! Why don't you create some pineapple art? You know you've got to now!

    secret admirer

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    You are too funny. I've always wanted to win a contest. When I lived in Hollywood, I totally followed the "A (VW) Bug a Day in the Month of May" Giveaway on the radio, religiously. I just knew that I was going to win one because I needed a car soOoOo badly. I even set my alarm so I'd be up to listen for my name.

    I should have stayed asleep... better luck to you!

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